Huge public drinking water well dedicated to community


KOHIMA, Dec 19 (NEPS): CEO of the Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) Ms Elizabeth Ngullie called upon the Naga people to develop “a sense of belongingness” and urged the citizens to take care of the available resources bestowed to them.

Speaking as chief guest on the occasion of the formal dedication of the huge public drinking water well, which was constructed by the Lions Club of Kohima (LCK), to the community held here at Kezeikie Wednesday, the CEO narrated the sufferings the citizens had been facing while trying to get even a bucket of water during lean seasons at the capital city, Kohima.

Lions Club of Kohima (LCK) started the construction of this public drinking water well in the year 2009 and in fact, residents of many colonies other than Kezekie areas have been using water from this water well for the last two years.

Lauding the Lions Club of Kohima for the novel project, Ngullie hoped that the Club would also take up similar charitable works for other colonies where water scarcities were extreme. She also called upon the GBs and Panchayat leaders in the Colony to upkeep the water well and also educate the citizens in the area the importance of developing “a sense of belongingness.”

In his brief presidential remarks, LCK President Lion Er Hozheto Shikhu expressed his happiness for being able to dedicate the water well to the Community of the Kezeikie area. He recalled how the idea of constructing such a huge public drinking water well came in the minds of the members of the Club when they had witnessed extreme scarcities of water in and around Kohima in lean seasons.

“We thought that we cannot depend on the Government for everything,” Lion Shikhu said. “And finally, we (Lions) thought we should do something for the community by constructing a ring well in the capital area. Today, we are very happy that our dream came into reality and the residents have been using the water from this water well.”

The LCK president also lauded senior Lion K Seyie as the construction of the public drinking water well could be completed on time under his initiative.

Lion Shikhu also expressed his profound gratitude to the members of the Kezeikie Colony, Panchayat, etc. for readily providing the area (plot of land) to the Club and also their cooperation while constructing the drinking water well.

Thejao Sekhose, a senior member of the Keziekie Colony also spoke on the occasion. He appreciated the LCK for their charitable projects. He disclosed that the residents not only from the colony but also other nearby colonies had been using the water from the well. It had really served many residents in the capital, he said.

He also called upon the members of the Club to continue their charitable projects in other colonies too.
The function was chaired by Lion Oken Jeet Sandham, LCK Secretary while former LCK President Lion Dr Sashimeren Aier pronounced a Vote of Thanks.

public drinking water well dedicated
public drinking water well dedicated

Large numbers of Lion members, members of the Keziekie Colony, GBs and residents from the colony attended the occasion.


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