KNO warns Centre against neglect of outfit`s aspiration


IMPHAL, December 9 (Newmai News Network): Four days after meeting government representatives in New Delhi, the Kuki National Organisation,  KNO, one of the two umbrella organisations of the Kuki militant outfits has warned of the “possibility of unwarranted and tragic incidents” if the government of India continues to ignore the aspiration of the outfit as “Suspension of Operation (SoO) has technically expired on November 22.”

KNO today put Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Sambhu Singh (in-charge of North Eastern states) in the bad light saying there is every possibility that the latter had not conveyed KNO’s message to the Union Home Minister.

KNO had requested for a written assurance from the Central government to start a political dialogue during the `tripartite talk` in New Delhi on December 5.

“The Joint Secretary`s response to KNO’s request was- ‘I cannot make a decision for a written commitment for dialogue’”, said the KNO.

“We are aware the Joint Secretary (Sambhu Singh) cannot make a decision regarding dialogue as he does not have the mandate; however, he may convey the KNO’s request to the Union Home Minister. If a written assurance is given, KNO would sign extension of SoO on December 6, but for three months only. As there was no communiqué on December 6, KNO delegates returned home the next day,” the KNO informed Newmai News Network this evening.

“It may be assumed there is no response from the government because the Union Home Minister has not yet decided, or because the Joint Secretary (MHA) has not informed the KNO’s request to the Union Minister. Logical deduction would suggest the latter reason, and not the first case,” the KNO stated today while adding, “The Union Minister has deliberately been kept in the dark concerning KNO’s simple request”.

“There is a potential room for mishap in the lacuna that exists. The Minister being kept uninformed could bear serious consequences reminiscent of the Joupi massacre by NSCN (IM)-led Nagas on September 13, 1993 in which 90 innocent Kukis were barbarously butchered to death. Prior to the ill-fated incident, the NSCN (IM) in a notice to the Kuki people of Joupi in Tamenglong district to quit the village by September 15.

Fearful for the worst, the Joupi village folk left on September 13, two days before the deadline. In the two days preceding the deadline, had the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong taken responsible administrative action to deploy security forces, the tragic event would have been successfully averted. Please note that the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong district was Shambu Singh, the present Joint Secretary (MHA). Similarly, in today’s situation while KNO is waiting for a reply from the Minster, which is owing to a lapse of administrative propriety on the part of Joint Secretary (MHA), i.e. not informing the Union Minister of KNO’s request, the possibility of unwarranted and tragic incidents such as at Joupi could be repeated as SoO, technically expired on November 22, 2012.

“In such an eventuality, the Joint Secretary (MHA) is entirely to blame, but would he care? Should such a calamity be permitted on account an arrogant and self-glorified bureaucrat? Before it is too late, the government of India needs to adopt extreme pre-emptive measures to avoid any serious eventuality,” the KNO cautions.

Meanwhile, the KNO reveals the `status quo, post November 22 saying the ground rules (of SoO) ought to continue as KNO has neither abrogated SoO (as GoI issued verbal commitment to begin dialogue communicated unofficially by an emissary), nor signed the 6th extension (of SoO) because response to request for written commitment from government of India, as presented earlier is awaited`.


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