Kohima Lions visited Lepers with gifts


KOHIMA, Dec 18 (NEPS): Members of the Lions Club of Kohima (LCK) led by its President Lion Er Hozheto Shikhu have visited lepers in the Leprosy Colony here at Naga Bazar Tuesday. During the visiting program at the Leprosy Colony, the Club also presented rice, meat, blankets and other edible items to the inmates.

Speaking on the brief occasion, the LCK President Lion Er Hozheto Shikhu reminded the concern and attachment that the members of the LCK had since early 80s. The present Living Accommodation housing the current 14 inmates at Naga Bazar was constructed by the Club way back in 1983. The Club has been visiting the inmates with various items like rice, meat, vegetables, cloths, blankets, edible items, etc. especially on the eve of every Christmas as part of the “Pre-Xmas Visiting Program” to Leprosy patients living in the Living Accommodation.

Kohima Lion Members with leprosy inmates at Leporsy Colony, Kohima
Kohima Lion Members with leprosy inmates at Leporsy Colony, Kohima

Stressing the importance of peace not only in their State but also elsewhere in the world, the President said the Club would always do their best to see the wellbeing of the inmates living in the Living Accommodation. He also asked the inmates to have strong conviction that with the dawn of the Christmas, they would have a new era of peaceful lives.

One of the elderly inmates also shared their feelings and love with the members of the LCK. “We are really thankful to you—starting from President to other your colleagues—in the Club for showing your personal concern and love for the wellbeing of us who are living in this Living Accommodation,” the inmate said calling the members as “their Parents” who did wonderful works for the inmates. He also prayed for members of the Club to have long lives and more blessings from almighty God in the days to come.

Senior members of the Club, Lion Dr Sashimeran Aier, Lion H Achumi, Lion Tali, Lion Oken Jeet Sandham, Lion Aroba were among other who accompany the Lion President during the Visit to inmates.
The members and the inmates also sang together.


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