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Memorandum submitted to CM on TG student rape case

IMPHAL, December 4: A scuffle broke out between students and state police with the latter resorting to lathi charge this evening at Sanjengthong to break a student rally, however none of the students were injured during the scuffle.

Students of Tamphasana Girls Higher Secondary and CC Higher Secondary along with several student body leaders and civil bodies came out to submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister on the recent rape case of a TG school student and allegedly involving a Commando driver of Imphal West Police station Yumnam William Singh son of Deben of Khagempalli and Manipuri film actor Thongam Tarun son of Jayenta of Thangmeiband.

Police blocking the mass rally at Sanjengthong on Tuesday. The rally was proceeding towards the CM’s bungalow to submit a memorandum on the TG school student rape case

However they were stopped by the police at Sanjengthong from proceeding any further following which a scuffle ensued between the students and the police.

Police were seen lathi charging the students during the scuffle.

Later representatives of the student rally were allowed to proceed and submit the memorandum to the Chief Minister.

The memorandum which is addressed to the state Governor with copies for the state Chief Minister and Home Minister, while highlighting the facts of the alleged incident, demanded that the government should expedite the process of submitting the charge sheet to the concerned Law Court on or before December 15 and make public regarding the whereabouts of the “two culprits”.

It has further stated, “Failing which to do so, the Universal Mothers` Organisation, Joint Action Committee and other Civil

Society Organisations should never end up the process”.

Speaking to media persons on the sideline of the mass public rally, a relative of the alleged victim said, even though both accused are in police custody, there was not a trace of regret on them.

Charging that the police have totally neglected the victim, the relative continued that the police seem to be partial towards the two accused.

Earlier in the day, the Universal Mother’s Organization had conducted a consultation meeting on the topic “Alarming gender violence in Manipur” at the Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen.

The meeting was attended by UCM president Yumnam Nabachandra Meitei as chief guest, UMO president, Ningthoujam Sorojini Leima as president and Just Peace Foundation, managing trustee Kh ANandi as chief guest.

Speaking at the function, UMO asst secretary Okram Rashri said violence on women has been continuing since a long time.

The women of the state have contributed a lot for the state and the society as is evident from the history of the land itself, nonetheless subjugation of women continues unabated in the land.

She further demanded life sentence or death sentence for all involved in the rape case.

Decrying the action of the commando driver of the Imphal West police who has been accused of the rape of a school student, All Manipur Kanba Lup, spokesperson Ibemhal questioned how the state can hope for the outsiders and central security forces to respect the women of the state when even the state police force cannot respect them.

CADA president, Ningthoujam Doren said violent incidents against women like rape and molestation have become a regular incident in the state, however whenever such cases arise in the state, the public tend to come out in protest, but the issue always fades out from the public domain in due time.



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