Minorities Rights Day observes


IMPHAL, December 18: Media houses should check the facts of their news reports before publishing it, said Minister Agriculture & Fisheries Md Abdul Nasir in his speech as chief guest during the Minorities Rights Day observation at the Kangla Hall, Imphal today.

The program was organised by Manipur State Minorities Commission, MSMC.

The function was also attended by Parliamentary Secy , MOBC & SCs and Sc & Tech Md Amin Shah as president and MLA Wabagai Md Fajur Rahim, Chairperson MSMC A Halim Chowdhury, Member MSMC Ven Panthaw Paa (Prof MS Ningomba) and reverend N Debendra Singh as guests of honour.

Md Abdul Nasir in his speech said that one must be proud of being born in the largest democracy of the

world and that one should not feel down about being a minority in India.

He added that many people from the minority group have had become leaders of the country while many have held high profile posts of the country.

Meanwhile, he lamented that media houses of Manipur must dig the facts to bring out the truth before publishing their news reports.

The Minister further lamented the practice of newspapers of issuing corrigendum after publishing reports based on speculation.

Guest of honour Md Fajur Rahim even though there are several government schemes for their welfare and development, the minorities still need upliftment.

He also said that there are some groups of minorities who engaged in taking undue advantages of the schemes rendered by the government.

Meanwhile, the function faced some hiccups after several oppositions erupted when militant turned politician MI Khan came up on the stage and started his speech.

The former militant following the opposition stopped his speech and left the function, which however continued.


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