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Prakash Javedkar picks UPA for neglecting NE

IMPHAL, December 16: The UPA government at the Centre has completely failed to develop the North Eastern region of the country and to explore the tremendous potential of the region, said BJP national spokesperson, Prakash Javedkar at a press conference here today.

The conference was convened this afternoon at the state BJP office.

All development programmes in the region are lagging behind; we condemn the negligent attitude of the UPA regarding the NE region, he told the media persons.

The BJP spokesperson also lamented that the lack of proper infrastructure and development in the region has led to the youths of the region going to other cities in search of jobs.

Launching another attack on the UPA, the BJP spokespersons said, “Ultimately the UPA government has failed to implement all programmes under the Ministry of DoNER in the entire NE region”.

Elaborating further, he said during the recent winter session of the Rajya Sabha, the BJP had raised a questioned on the progress of various projects undertaken in Manipur; however, the UPA had failed to reply about how the government will be speeding up the implementation of the projects.

He continued he had asked during the session, why is progress sluggish in Manipur, at which the UPA had replied that it is because of road blockades.

He continued if the government had been committed in the implementation of development projects in the first place then there would have been no road blockades.

He said he had himself raised a question on the development works of National Highway 39 and 53, the progress of the Imphal-Silchar rail line during the recent sitting of the Parliament, however, the UPA were unable to give any reply.

Demanding the UPA government to speed up work on the highways and the rail lines in the state for better connectivity in the region, he said the fact that the ASEAN-India car rally has passed through Manipur indicates that the state could be a hub for the entire South East Asia as it is also India’s gateway to the South East Asia.

Meanwhile regarding the Loktak Scam, the BJP national spokespersons mocked, “The Phumdis are not cleared, but the money is cleared”.

The BJP spokesperson had also appointed the new office bearers of the state unit of the party including a new party president. He however said the party will announced the office bearers along with the two members of the national council tomorrow.

The BJP has a national council with two members for each states.



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