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Repeal AFSPA meeting held

IMPHAL, December 31: Social Action Development Organization (SADO), Heirok today organized a meeting with a banner “Repeal AFSPA 1958” at the office of the Friends in Need Society.

During the meeting, L Mandir Singh Secretary of SADO said that 62 people have been killed in fake encounters in Heirok up to the year 2008. “AFSPA 1958 was enacted in the North East India in order to suppress the freedom movement of the people. The people of the state have been deprived of the right that is provided under Article 21 i.e. right to life of the Indian constitution under cover of the Act,” he said.

AFSPA has also violated the rules on human rights laid down in the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) of which, India is a signatory country. The meeting of UN Human Rights Committee held on May-June 2012 comprising of 80 countries has recommended the repeal of AFSPA 1958, he added. He then said that despite a Committee led by Justice Jeevan Reddy stating that the Act is inhumane and recommending its repeal, the India government has not listened to it.

SADO, Women Society, Heirok and All Clubs Organisation, Manipur appreciated the hearing of the Supreme Court and hoped that the ongoing hearing on fake encounter case would bring a positive outcome.

The charter of demands were resolved in the meeting that called for repealing AFSPA 1958 immediately, punishing the convict, investigation of all cases of fake encounter by forming a special investigation team, to institute a International Criminal Court in India soon, to deliver socio-economic political justice to women and children impacted by AFSPA and to organize Indian political dialogue at the earliest.

During the meeting, Moirangthem Mangolnganbi (28) W/o (L) M Ibungo of Heirok Part 3 Tourangbam Leikai said her husband was killed by 15 AR in a fake encounter. “He went from home after called out by personnel of 15 AR Thoubal and he was killed the next day on January 15, 2012 stating that the death was caused due to a firing incident at Langol Kameng. He was a SPO Heirok and as he is well versed in languages the captain of 15 AR Hemraj told him to be in touch. It was said that an AK was recovered from his possession, however he has no connection with any organisations,” she clarified.

Thokchom Sunita (32), mother of two, W/o (L) Benita of Heirok Part 3 Kabo Leikai said her husband was killed by 15 AR in the same fake encounter in which M Ibungo was killed. He has been in the prison on the charge that he is a cadre of KCP though he is a civilian. His mother Memma lamented that her son used to excel in sports and it breaks her heart that her son is being killed without proper reason.

Joint secretary of People Organisation for Civil Integrity and Liberties (POCIL), Heirok Ningthoujam Joy Singh said AFSPA 1958 is a draconian law which should be repealed immediately.

Joint Secretary of Friends in Need Society, Heirok Khundongbam Anand Meetei said this Act which is kept to suppress militants is on the contrary leading to the increase in the number of militants, number of crimes and number of widows.

Finance secretary of POCIL and general secretary of Peace Foundation Committee Manipur Maibam Tomthin, Ningthoujam Imem (30) W/o (L) N Bhogen whose husband was also killed in a fake encounter, and president of Chaokhat Thourang Nupi Lup Gunamani Leima  also attended the said meeting.



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