Reproductive efficiency in livestock is an important attribute: Dr Sharat


IMPHAL, December 14: The Directorate of Veterinary & AH Services, Manipur today organized a training programme for professionals on ‘augmenting reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle and Mithun with special reference to health’ and an interface meeting with Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Manipur and NRC on Mithun, Nagaland, at the conference hall of State Veterinary Council, Sanjenthong.

The inaugural function was attended by Dr N Prakash, Joint Director, ICAR, Manipur Center and Dr Saidokhum Joute, Director, Veterinary & AH Services, Manipur as chief guest and president respectively.

Giving the keynote address, Joint Director (Vety) Dr L Sharat Kumar Singh said reproductive efficiency in livestock particularly Dairy Cattles & Mithun is an important attribute as far as the Dairy farmers are concerned. The profit and loss of a farm depends largely on this factor. It is a multi allelic trait controlled by number of genes.

Speaking further he explained some factors which controlled the reproductive efficiency.

He also informed that in the context of Manipur, the reproductive efficiency of dairy animals for the last five years, as per the report collected from the field, is 47.33 percent.

In the latter part of the programme, Dr KK Baruah, Principal Scientist, NRC on Mithun, spoke on “Strategies for augmenting reproductive efficiencies in Dairy cattle and Mithun,” Dr S Mukherjee, Scientist, NRC on Mithun, spoke on “Perspective of cattle breeding in India and strategies of Mithun genetic improvement,” and Dr V Singh, Scientist, NRC on Mithun spoke on “Epidemiology of Animal Diseases in NER-perspectives and strategies.”                         


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