The King From The Sky


    (English Novel)
    By: I.K Meetei

    Contd. from episode 3.
    In the circuit the electrons in surrounding begin producing now new kinds of vibrations under the current measure of the leaf vibrations. With the help of a special amplifier circuit the endless vibrations were converted into endless forces. Then the all circuit of the Super Computer begins to work all round. Excepting the key wave any other law or scientific device can produce this super natural leaf vibration. Thus just like a spark turning in fire the super natural wave serving like a clue enabled the Computer work in a super natural way. Thus the Super natural wave was named the key wave and the Computer a Super Computer. Thus this computer could visualize May secret valuable truthful things of mankind. It could fast make judgment of the right and wrong, good or bad and began functioning itself of what was supposed to do with the assistance of robots and the machines. In this way the works of the Hero-sima are dependent of the Super Computer. It is the wonderful demy God like, has about to become blunt. Because the key wave could not be linked up to our receiver and also could not be imaged on the white light screen”

    On hearing Alice`s words, a scientist spoke “Miss Alice this ke wave is taken by us as an unknown natural gift and how it committed air”

    Then Alice replied “No, it is not an unknown one. The Super Computer indicates that it was something that emerges from some called a universal person who is up righteous and philanthropic based on right path of the universe.”

    The all scientists wonderfully murmured by saying “Oh God`” Then another scientist enquired “if so where was the key wave originated from?1”

    Alice continued further by saying “that it was formed from a deceased great universal soul. As their living body could not be projected on ;he white light screen, the origin of the wave could not be traced. The Computer indicated that the lost wave would be found in one hundred years time. And it was also indicated that there would several changes on the Earth owing to its failure chiefly the ozone layer would become thinner day by day as a result of wanting in clearing all air pollutions. As a defect to this, there would be a continuous acid rains for ten years on Earth alter a spent of 19 yrs. If it goes unchecked there will total extinction of all living beings and plants on the surface of the Earth. But we have still the hope for the survival of human beings if we are able to stop this rain for 5 yrs. times at least. If this rainfall happens for the period of 10 yrs. Continuous, then it will become beyond human beings effort. “All the scientists cast this glance at Alice struck with wonder.

    One scientist asked “what device did the Super Computer show to solve the said acid rain?”

    “It was thus indicated as his last words to find a new key wave “`Alice replied” Only this wave can save the Earth from the annihilation period of acid rains” The scientist further asked “can`t we get it now from a living person “`Alice quipped “No, not yet till now. But I will keep continuing experiments “composing her appearance she explained “Every human being on this Earth can be experimented on the white Light screen by exposing them on it with the help of the telescopic camera. At that moment several innumerable waves of several hues invisible to the human eyes can be seen. Several waves adorned with different colours surrounding the human body exist reflecting all the time. It takes different forms from person to person. These waves emerge from the body pertaining to the functioning of the brain that is to say the good and evil, thought, joy. happiness, anger, inclination to weeping, truth, wrong, desire, love jealousy, passion etc. the reign of holding the wave of mind and pulses vibrating in relation to thoughts, the speed of the course of blood running in the veins, wave surging in the heart various functions done by the organs of which a relative effect is resulted. Therefore this universe is endlessly provided with the quality gift of good or evil from a human being. Out of this wave, this said special key wave reflected like a straight line. While the man concentrating on right thinking or doing good things i.e. stepping on the universal path, this key wave, shooting straight, spreads just like the light. And when the man starts thinking of evil design or committing wrongful acts, the wave becomes stooping and assuming just like evil spirits in a twisting manner took to its wings. The all these things can be seen through testing on the white Light screen “All the scientists became dumb found and kept looking at Alice and thus felt in their mind “whether there would have lived such a truthful and universal person on this Earth? Every life tends earning wealth, honour and winner in various kinds of competitions. But, what is the universal path? This key wave seemed possible no to be found no where1`

    Alice made extension to her reply as “I shall continue another experiment and the Hero-sima will shift to another outer space leaving the sky of the Earth. At the time the Hero-sima will be with the help of telescope. From there, I will carry out many experiments. In case the accurate form of the particular person is to be found (as it is still living) his or her image will be able to get projected on the W.L.S. and the key wave will directly connect with the circuit to survive all works o` the Hero-sima. At that time it can do everything in the universe and the Hero-sima will gloriously return to the Earth”.

    Then another scientist said” we can see that the human being is the most exceptional on the Earth. Though unknown to himself, he is connected with the all reality and all the good things in this world. To save this Earth is our ideal goal too. Though our brain fails to grasp, what the Super Computer acquire is a scientifically true matter. The computer will not able to set on a without this key wave, it will fail to embark on the course of right thinking. To revive all the functions of the Hero-sima is his/her soul responsibility, on the Hero-sima can come to rescue of this Earth. Hence he or she could have been regarded as a God. Now his memory has been revived. Everybody will thirsty for him as amrita. Now people will start on the search for him”.

    Alice listening carefully to the scientist uttered calmly “you are right sir, had he existed, it will be able to save all the living bodies on the Earth and with this man`s identity could have been easily focused on the white light screen. When the Hero-sima successfully return on the Earth let the thirst of all the people on Earth is quenched at the sight of his identity accompanied with waves beyond the visibility of human eyes*` Thus a great upon Alice`s conclusion, the assembly broke up.

    Alice has started her another new working by returning back to the Hero-sima which has shifted to another outer space leaving off the Earth`s sky- She has become out of sight.

    All human beings on the Earth are being tested one by one by focusing them on the W.L.S. several years has taken place in such a way.

    Alice has become quite exhausted while making such experiment. Dark cloud on the screen has been assuming great proportions gradually. Since the failure on the part of the Hero-sima. a number of sinister begins has been on the rise in the human society just like the rate frolicking when the cat is away. Truly the human society has got entangled in various nefarious acts within these last few years. A new change has assumed. It served a contradictory turn to Alice. Instead of attaining her goal, a new forms of social corruption have visibly surfaced:- Some of human being have embarked a new life of corrupt practice. Some have climaxed in the knowledge of evil plans. Some are on the lookout for selfishness only. Some are on the exhibition of noble works and then pulling down lo meanest level. Many shady characters just like of another and rapist has appeared in many towns and cities. Many officers and Govt. employees are playing on the surface of corruptions. Many politicians formulate sinister political games.
    Business people play different profiteering strategist. Casting off all obligations for works many people have turned to worshipping under various religious organizations, they try to flourish knowledge unrelated to work laws. The present day religious people earn a distinction for arguments; the motive of the present religions is to divide the human race in different groups. It is said that all regions are the same but each religion is in the rat race inviting dooms. There has appeared in many countries a new trail o~ earning easily of money in large sums. The extent of pleasure has increased double fold but the physical strength has been decreased. Walking on foot has decreased much. Many crimes and cases of unwanted events have appeared in some places owing to the degradation of human characters. In some places life relegated to nothingness by committing suicide. Disgusted will all these things. Alice switched off the meter band and then said “The emerging from such people has remained hovering in the sky assuming the looks of evil spirits. Where 1 shall find out? Out of these many, there is one, some unknown” some unknown “Really Alice was at lost. Such a case had taken place twice before i.e. two events occurred in the past. In various works Hero-sima was victorious, it can be said that there is nothing what the Hero-sima can`t do. But in these two events the Hero-sima suffered defeat. Let us just remind these two occasions:-

    The first was in a place in a dark jungle. The name of this place was Satanpur. Here was a sparsely inhabited population. A powerful juggler ruled over there. He was a famous leader too of the present antisocial of the world. The people of Satanpur lived very miserably, because this juggler encompassed all doors to the society of this time. The sad news of Satanpur reached the ears of the human beings. But they could do nothing to this magician. After controlling all the antisocial on the Earth, one day the Hero-sima hurled towards Satanpur sky aiming to save the small human nation. But on approaching near Satanpur the magician began exposing his might. He made a screen of some which engulfing, as a result of which the place remained of all dark just like in a cave and there all the scientific power of the Hero-sima proved ineffective. Alice was quite struck at the magician`s power. Afterwards the Super Computer informed her by saying “we won`t be able to do anything to the magician. But however, someone or a sprit will be coming to defeat him merely. “On hearing these words Alice once again said wonderfully “a human being who can he be?”

    It is her first important question. Secondly in the centre of a small city, there had been a vast meadow in fact. Everybody learned that inside the meadow there was a stock of a huge royal treasure. This no one could extract. The owner a powerful rich person o( the royal descendant set a number of expert people on to this meadow. But almost of them suffered causalities cither being mad or meet with death on entering the meadow on committing such thing even his wife picked up a serious disease. At length this owner of the meadow handed to stock of treasure over to the Hero-sima. The Hero-sima had to remove all the treasure from the meadow. In this attempt to the Hero-sima underwent defeat. That a number of robots deried out three small antigravity crafts from the Hero-sima towards the centre of the meadow. But. when they were descending over the surface of the meadow a sudden mighty cyclone arose the within few moments, it carried off the crafts away without being able to trace direction. Along with this the
    Hero-sima began to shake. The Hero-sima had to retreat. The computer then gave advice e to Alice like1* infect this meadow is guarded by a kind of a goddess. This meadow has been awaiting someone after her heart. There are innumerous internal law and qualities of a human being. Such case may be about the battle amongst the interiors. There is only one way can`t step or done by any normal human in the universe or even the God except the pure nature or rule of a human being. Except this way only. I can do everything in the universe, so you much think endlessly about the human beings”. On hearing this computer Alice very much wonderingly uttered “A human being I come across several type of people. But 1 quests if there someone unknown /”

    It is Alice`s second question.

    Alice came to remember all the past events one by one. Fumbling Alice now began putting the 3K question.

    Who are you that I am going to find? A politician or an Industrials or a Business man or a Religion man or a Mighty like Hitler? Oh Man-lay Laisana

    A golden flower. Blooming amidst
    The society`s Dark jungle
    Today I am waiting
    For you never endingly
    One day if elicited
    From the dark corner
    Of human minds.
    Will brighten in the vast sky
    With your true identity
    It is my pledge
    Two babies (Rising of Moral Pollution) Does it indicate the
    Extremes of difference
    Or the degree of decline
    Of woman`s society?

    In nineteen years the period of acid rains would come on the Earth. To save the human generation from this coming annihilation. Alice does bravely her duty undauntedly. Thus the time passed on. Let us wait the time of her success, stop her story just for a while and turn to a story of our present human society:-

    Now as the king, the ruler from the sky to take guide of human society is no more: there has appeared a wonderful change. At such an occasion two babies were born at the same time and their places were not afar. It was within a famous place of a city.

    It was around 7 P.M of one day. That the city bloomed to its zenith of beauty when the glowing image of gigantic buildings, an exceptional one which has doubled its beauty that day and has decorated with lights of various colours. Here were a number of distinguish ladies and gents. All the world`s pleasures have dawned at this place. A sight into the rising waves of excitement emanating from this building wore a fixed glance. It is so to say the peak of human pleasure that even the heavenly celestial beings were subjected to humiliation. Above all what would have been in the case of the master of the mansion? The only disappoint of this man unequalled in richness and never wanting in friend circles was to have spent these long years sadly. But today after a long time the golden flower which was eagerly awaited has born life. The owner of the house has got his fulfillment. Studded (added) diamond on gold. Casting a close glance at his newly born daughter he christened her “Lai-sana (Golden flower). The baby crying at her mother`s lap was all praised by nonetheless many a mother.

    Even the full moon has shot up from the mountain cliff. The calm light of the moon has dawned on the baby`s face. The golden lotus has bloomed amidst the glittering white lights. Stealing a sight long glance of the baby the moon whispered “Lai-sana is not it that you are coming to put me shame”

    The entire universe gave a blessing to the baby.

    But at the same moment the multifarious human society began shrieking. The universal injustice has started holding up its Hag. It was wonderfully viewed by the entire universe and demanded what kind of glory it was.

    Now- it has become visible of a look of agony and difference at close quarters. There was at the little distance, a drain to drain out all rubbish of the city. There was also another baby lying just on the heaps of the dirt collected at the side of the Nullah. This baby was a male baby. Gathering near him the baby was picked up by the crowd. Beside that everybody from all sides closely observed the baby. Someone started scolding the baby`s parents. Such a hue and cry caused the baby`s awakening.

    Now a discussion has come. An old man holding the baby said “I am the secretary of Children`s Home. Let me adopt this baby in this Home as though I were his father”. All gave consent to this proposal.

    Still looking at the baby the old man continued saying” This baby on setting foot in this world will naturally assume the like of an orphan and his life will be set with thousands of despondency. This baby also set the mark of society`s backwardness. Let me name him “Man-lay “` so as to come to light to the future generation as being able to stand on its own foot with contributions of possible help from the people- Man-lay the flower blooming on the tree of society”.

    There was none to praise him at his birth. All bore the looks of sadness. The current of stream openly flows down with the entire city`s rubbish. But the dirty current of human heart takes its course secretively.

    What to say even the brave General of the force of truth: the universal pure love of the mother become down fall in the present society. The so called appearance of truth has stoop forever.

    At the open lake
    Of heart hasn`t the
    White lotus taken life.

    The spreading light from Laisana`s big mansion fell on Man-lay`s countenance. Everybody too has come alive with thought of returning home. Carrying the baby the old man too has set course towards his home. Even the moon has hidden behind the cloud.

    A way the uniform societies
    Far off. Seeing the countenance
    Of the two babies being on today`s
    Earth`s surface . the ghostly
    Appearance of different societies
    Were shrieking with arrogance.

    As the time passed on, today Man-lay has become six years old. He grew up at children Home where he lived very happily and turned out to be a brilliant student. But human life has uncertainty. It was not believed that his smooth life would and up so. That a storm came arrived of all a sudden. The secretary of the Home who looked after him suddenly bade farewell to this world. This brought a change on the life of this boy. None there were for him. When a new secretary of the Home came there took place a change at the Home too. This secretary was of a very selfish nature. During his tenure many kinds ot corruption flooded into it. Instead of taking of taking developmental works of the Home, he took full advantage for his own good only. Man children having no backing at all suffered badly under him. After the death of the former philanthropic who looked after him as if he were his father. Man-lay bean to receive a blow of being an orphan. He has been living in this Home deprived of the fulfillment of food and drink. Most of all he feared and hated this secretary.

    Man-lay has left the Home lour months later after the new secretary had taken charge. Thus Man-lay began wandering aimlessly. The lender boy following the direction where ever his legs carried him came across a market with a will of the God- There at the market he could quench his thirst for food, and found up a new ray of hope of the boy.

    It was a big market. Just to the North of this market was exhibiting the shining building of Laisana`s father. As the sight of the building of lofty high, the boy remained gazing at it closely. But he could not realize the magnificent building would one day measure the limit of his life`s difference.

    The goddess of the market has embraced him. There he found the soul means of his subsistence. Now he has embarked threshold of the almighty, the creator`s workshop. The real form of life has began to take shape and taking up worldly lore. He has begun flexing his lender muscles. During day time he moves carrying smaller loads of businessman. He helps even the old man carrying their luggage. When it became night people move to their homes. He alone stood at that big market. Taking shelter at the place lying to north nearby the building he halted nights over there.

    As the darkness of the night grew the appearance of differing society began shining brightly and also laughing at this lonely boy showing the teeth of mockery. The boy clearly heard all the voices of Laisana emanating from the building. When the hour of sleep approached a voice accompanied with laughter and also with a crying on alternate days. Out of these varied sounds the voice of “mum` addressed to her mother appealed to Man-lay`s heart. This word `mum” turn out to be Man-lay`s first clues to his life`s thinking. Then the life at late night was nothing but that of waves of thought surging forth by listening to vision of the lofty building.

    Man-lay`s life hurled out to be a visionary. In this way he passed one year.

    One day a fearful storm rose up. This gave a new pang in Man-lay`s life on a fixed platform. In this city a communal riot took place and it spread like wildfire. It was a terrible and fearful one. There went on a group wise killing in which corpse lay on the roads.

    The next day the govt. took up measures to control over it and along with it curfew was declared for five days. Armed personal were reinforced in countless numbers. The army dispersed the crowd. Owing to the turmoil every one remained indoors.

    The market wore a deserted look. This brought about a piercing blow to Man-lay. He never forgot such terrible riot. Afterwards in his life   he would not join any religion but remember the God.

    First night of the curfew Man-lay spent a sleepless night. He kept looking fearfully at those armies. On the second day the boy had nothing to eat at all. As the night grew advancing his burning thirst emanating from stomach assumed alarming proportion. But nothing has been ordained for him except that Laisana`s voice.

    Thus passing in this way it approached the night of the fifth day. The fire of hunger engulfed all his body. This boy has seen for four days starvation. Now1 he is at a very critical moment of life and death. His pale body became shivering. The ghostly moment has appeared. At such timing. Laisana`s crying persuasion echoed from all the direction of the mansion. Her un-natural and varying tone has further weaken Man-lay. He lay on the floor lying on his back. At this hour Laisana`s complain” no appetite and unwanted curry” made him startled with shrieking metal sound. A woman cried saying “Look at this, the child has dropped the disc on the floor. “Another man too continued “why are you doing like that. If you persist doing like that my sweet heart, you will be scorned h others. Is there any one`? Bring something to eat for my beloved daughter Laisana”.

    Man-lay on hearing the sound of voices coming from the building could not rest in peace. This child still not fully aware of the social life asked himself “Is this the child of God”

    He got up slowly shaking his calf completely and he raised his head slowly towards the top of the building and with that a multifarious voice from the comer of the heart broke the tranquil of peace.

    ‘Oh child, speak
    What differs me
    From you
    You crying for
    Sweet meal and
    I for a mouthful.
    You, on the top
    Of the building
    I, on the surface.
    Parents you have
    But none for me.
    Who will build
    For me to be
    On the height to
    Stand equally with you?

    The boy`s words were heard astonishingly by the people atop the building. The girl not reluctance to eat the fish in her hand listened to the words and enraptured. A child ought to know another child`s language. But the girl got confused the successive words. However hearing the concluding words she suddenly arose and cried loudly, “oh child your lofty building. I will build”.

    Looking at the top of the building could not last long. It seemed the tall building almost fell on him and after that his head became reeling under the impact of that. With his last word “mum” he fell down on the ground.

    Within these short moments it appeared that the limit of two child`s difference in a status almost came to an end. If the human society hankers after a superior form, one of the precious jewels had to be abandoned.

    The lime has more advanced. All have become quite, even the voice from the building had ceased to floor down. As the hours pass on the duration of night has come almost to an end.

    At the dawn of the next day curfew has also been lifted. The dark phase in the child`s life too disappeared. The tender souls that have been crushed by the indiscriminate society could not be actually terminated, there has gathered all the littered flower petals and restored to the natural form. Man-lay has got the ghastly experience which even the aged people have not at all experience. He has quite tenderly learned the lessons of life`s bitterness. He has been awakened just like a burning red hot edge of a dagger. Nobody is likely to give him defeat.

    The cool morning air has refreshed his body a bit. The pupils of the eye^ too has slowly started opening. Got up in the trembling manner, started slowly moving his legs that were  hardly  immobile.  All  the  small  and  big  buildings of the  city  have  assumed  the appearance of a ball of fire. The reflected heat has scorched the inner of heart. In today`s political arena, an abode scientific advancement Man-la> has distanced him from that market with a slow step just like the thirsty pilgrims walk on the sands of an extremely hot desert. Man-lay has ceased to show up himself for the time being.

    Afterwards one day an old Buddhist from Satanpur, an extreme remote area meets him and takes him away to Satanpur. The old man looks after him like a father. He spends here many years. He grows up year with the valuable advices of different knowledge and about modern science. Sometimes his mind is operated to think about his unknown mother. love relations amongst brothers, relatives of a family. At some moments he wants to commit suicide himself when measuring his lowest and lonely life models amongst such competitions and  material  worlds.   But  he can  control  himself remembering the  Buddhist`s  advices “work work…is the never ending song of life.  Be a sacrifice, be a advertisement of yourself as a worker but not charge for any woks of your society: and take these spade, the only instrument for big bangs to produce numerous stars and visionary lights in your space”. Remembering these words he rises up his digger high with his two hands to start his works as a new life style in the world.

    But the advisor, the helper, the father is no more .He becomes a lonely boy. The old

    Buddhist has been killed by a great magician. The great magician is a powerful person of

    Satanpur. All religions and human laws are no more there. The boy leaves Satanpur. Holding the digger tightly he steps eastward remembering the words “….be a advertisement yourself as a worker, but not charge



    A meadow speaks:
    Come and Play
    On my lap
    With your Life`s human beauty.

    As the time ceaselessly flowed down all the funs happening on this Earth have gradually disappeared. Other new happening also came up. The city too has worn a new-identity. H has become a worthy society in the human civilization. The city adorned with many buildings is in the same manner a jungle – with high trees.

    A big wonder is that a vast meadow has persisted wholesome. This meadow situated just on the north of the building of Laisana`s father. The correct posture of the meadow could be appropriately visualized when looked down from atop this building. This meadow might have occupied a space expanded by almost five polo ground fields. There was a little mound just in the centre of this meadow. A moth surrounded this mound. 1 here was a pond each both on the northern and southern sides of the mound. The eastern side was almost covered by trees and shrubs. Whereas the western side spreads open in vast. Big trees grew circling the boundary of the meadow. The   remaining portions of the meadow were- vast areas.

    This wide meadow belonged to Laisana`s father. But he could not utilize to this meadow at all. This meadow was guarded by some kind of a goddess. It has been since years nobody could set foot on this meadow and it still appears that there will be so in the future too. All the people inhabiting in this area well know the might of the meadow. All the folks talks about it. It was awesome to make een a glance at this meadow leave aside entering there. Laisana`s father has also well kept ibis place under an enclosure. He has received the favor of the goddess too

    Yet this meadow is eagerly waiting someone`s true incarnation. In this way hundreds of years have gone by. The dumb meadow daily narrates to Laisana`s shinning lonely atop the tall building. The pulse of the meadow mingled with the dim and bustle of the city. Laisana who has been deprived of the natures in ward message got independently to bloom. Today she has bloomed into a beautiful girl of 14. The long frustrated meadow began to accurse the girl by observing her charming face at the same. “Oh beauty you seem not to recognize me while you are floating on the current of the city`s ethereal pleasure. The person who can`t recognize the true form of nature is a person without life`s genuine identity. Let you too suffer the same fate as I do from the thirsty burning sensation of the inward mind. The saddest thing of the entire saddest one`s on this Earth is the waiting for me one after one`s heart. It is a heart`s burning blazing forth high as continues by. You too shall meet with such pang as time gathers momentum to exactness. At that moment you will come to remember of my solitude”.

    Today the full grown orphan has once again boldly set foot on this city. He had spent a long time at the remote areas as a work man. Through the time he rendered help to poor families. But now he has now become a man fully conversant with the have not societies. He is now coming to this society to earn a comprehensive work and knowledge of the affluent societies. He has come towards the resident building of the city`s richest man, Laisana`s father. The young man has taken posture in front of the mansion just like the Kailash Mountain. The building which caused starting waves in his childhood has today turn out to be a beckoning mansion in the youth`s eye. Entering through the gate the youth has got in the heart of the building.


    The young man had already taken shelter in to this mighty tall building. He had lived there almost as a slave to the man who is a royal like personality. He was at first not used to live here but in course of time he became accustomed to. After the completion of live months he has settled there in the guise of a workman. He is devoted to work and has as special in working. His honesty and a sense of pity strike the people with wonder.

    One evening, the young man took his stand on the top of the tall building. Facing north he kept surveying towards the big open meadow. He seemed to be pondering about this meadow. He had been working all morning and was taking respite for a while.

    At this instant he heard a calm voice from behind calling “Man-lay” on hearing the girl`s voice the young man turned his head from the front side and fell eyes on the moon like pretty face. “Yes have this tea” said Laisana. Taking the tea with his right hand me young man said “Thank you. Laisana, you seem to return from College a bit late not at usual”.

    “Yes. I was a bit late today, but completed almost half an hour” replied Laisana in the affirmative.

    “Why is it so9 “Asked the young man “and what were happening at your college”.

    “They were doing some social works” said Kaisana “Declared that to do work was tiresome. It would have seemed to be very exhaustive living a life in working conditions. I am fed up of works and 1 would rather read twenty four hours than working even for one hr”.

    On hearing these words the young man looked at the girls astonishingly. The moon like face seemed to have a faints shadow of worry. It was a look of eye`s satisfaction and added more prettiness to it. Of course the city dwellers are just like tendrils of pea plants easy to fade.

    Now the young man`s real appearance has returned, his smiling lips slowly and rhythmically said with over flowing look and genuine though “Laisana, is work tiresome9 Work is not a world of sadness by but of joy and merriment. A gradual continues work, getting success in return in the face of many obstacles; attaining added excellence with rising hopes of pleasure is an enjoyable hope of triumph. Of course the happiness attained at that moment is a real happiness a place where the world`s cares and anxieties can hardly reach. U is not the way to speak exhaustion, set back and desperation at the slightest effort”.

    Laisana was completely struck with wonder at Man-lay`s words. She had never heard of such wonderful, charming and quite incompatible words to her a status even from an elderly person. She had never come across of such young man. Though she had already fixed her eyes straight on him, her lips failed to spurt even a single reply. She also felt a sense of laughing at the sight of the young man. She humorously spoke out “Yes, you are right. But a man too young like you in age speak in the manner of an aged person. You are a man of work. I know you are at my house to do manual works. There is a little work in our house but you are on the lookout of other work also without charges. It is your greatest joy if you find someone at work, you don`t care for one`s identity but with take your stand by his/her side as if you were at the theatre. In a few minutes you will start blabbering about the work and in no time you will get involved in the work. The person too will sooner turn to you for discussion about the work. You exhibit a funny look. That is why you become handy of works in doing so ”

    The young man had seen of the girl sharing in his plight by from her demeanor as a girl blooming in city`s light and deprived of the taste of work.

    “I am much absorbed in works as you are in books” said the young man. “what is it for that you read so much” At this the girl`s face became blushing and proudly said” “you are very foolish. If I read much, I will become highly educated. I am going to sit for one of the world`s greatest examination. The name of this examination is known as W.A.S (world order Administration Service).If 1 pass this examination. I will become a distinguished person as well as an officer of great honour. This is the only hope of my life”.

    Man-lay then uttered “Nowadays must people have dedicated their lives for the govt. service. It is only for that many people pursue educated lines. It is not assumed that after being educated one will take up manual works. You girl good at study, suffer from fever the whole day at the slightest rain causing you wet. But 1 can work in the rain also. Will you be able to dig the earth for one whole hour in scorching heat of summer season`7 I agree that out of education knowledge nourishes. The scientific machines too have many faculties. But education must be established on the foundation of knowledge. The universe`s extraordinary machine: The human strength also must go along side by side with modern civilization. Say, whether you don`t like to work”.

    Laisana angrily reported “That is a thing to be committed by a foolish person like you”.

    To be continued 


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