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TAMENGLONG, Dec 2: “The Kuki National Organisation (KNO) issuing statement on 1st December stating that the Zeliangrongs were vassals and servants in the court of Kuki chief is in fact opposite in reality. It was the Kukis who were vassals and servants. These vassals and people who were lived in our land with paying tax to our forefathers have now started demanding for a separate State. The so called Kuki National Organisation (KNO)`s attempt to distort the history is a blessing in disguise which will only unmask their real identity before the people simultaneously attributing the younger generation to know more about the origin of the Kukis. The Kukis who are foreign origin but were allowed to settle by the kind hearted Zeliangrong people. All the names of the Kuki villages till today bear the Zeliangrong dialect with significant meaning which clearly indicates that the land actually belongs to the Zeliangrongs,” the Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) said today.

The ZYF said the Kuki population explosion in Manipur is because of the State government`s failure to have stringent laws to check the antecedent and background of Kuki people at the time of recording or registering decadal growth rate.

The ZYF further stated that tracing strictly the origin of Kuki will surely determine the exact numbers of kuki population who were migrated two-three hundred years ago and those recently migrated ones.

“The Central and State Govt. staging of frequent “surrender ceremony” for cadres of Kuki underground organizations is undoubtedly another factor that led to Kuki population growth rate in the State of Manipur. The foreign origin Kukis who are not allowed to enter India easily might have found its way to come to India through the corridor of “surrender ceremony” therefore, the purpose of Kuki people having several underground organizations is to use it as a means of launching pad for absorption and transformation to become Indian citizens otherwise there is no basis for the Kukis population in Manipur,” the ZYF opined.

The Zeliangrong Youth Front warmly welcomes the KNO`s statement for it enlightens and add eagerness into the mind of the younger generation of Zeliangrong people in particular to retrospect the history of the Kukis and also create opportunity of unawareness for other people.


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