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21ST Century Manipur – Welcome to the Jungle


By: Dr. Khwairakpam Gajananda

What a poor memory I have! In this 21st century, I am still not able to cope up with my counterparts throughout the world in terms of technologies, innovations, entrepreneurship, advancements, achievements, commitments, developments, transportation’s, communications, industrialization’s, economy and etc. Where am I? I am lost! Hundred years behind the developed countries and still hundred more years to develop myself!


Now, it’s for the Manipuri society. We forget human had set foot on the Moon — but we loved and like going back to the past. Many new historians popped up (pseudo historians somebody called them) and new histories written in the Sangai Express, the Imphal Free Press, the Huiyen Lanpao, www.epao.net, www.kanglaonline.com and etc of Manipur. Neo-geographers after copy pasting from Google Earth or Maps of India, started Photoshoping new Maps of Manipur. Interesting though — but where are we heading? While we pretend, we are the most culturally developed and had more than 2000 years of history and also unique history and political rights with culturally very rich society! But now, where are we? We are fighting — for what?


I don’t think many of my brethrens in Manipur will be able to amicably understand the above paragraphs. No problems, I am elaborating the same below. Leaving aside the truth that — Manipur is more pathetic than Somalia. We called it 21st Century’s Manipuri Jungle!


December 18, 2012 just three days before the most prophesies Mayan apocalypse (which never happened), a fanatic and a retard NSCN-IM cadre, slapped, molested and humiliated a pretty girl-named Momoko in public. Nowhere in the World, there was any Mayan apocalypse (except New Delhi), but in Manipur the Mayan apocalypse started, not in the forms of Volcanoes, Sun-flares, Meteorites etc but in the forms of the perpetual trademark of Manipur called as ‘Bandh’ or ‘Blockade’. Started by Film Forum Manipur and Shumang Leela Council; followed by the much anticipated ‘Hooligans’ (Sons of Manipur), the drama started in this thick and ugly concrete Jungle. In this drama, one very talented and upcoming freelance Journalist (Thangjam Dwijamani alias Nanao), who was just a spectator, was shot and killed by the villains — Armed Forces (Specially Powered and Acted since 1958). Then the loving and melodious Christmas Carol, for some of the people, was reduced to Chaos. No matter — the drama just begins. Welcome to the Jungles of Manipur!


Like ‘Tit for Tat’, three wannabe Meitei Jackals again molested a girl in the pretext of helping them. They were caught by the fatigued jungle guardians the “Meira Paibis”. If there were no Meira Paibis, the three jackals will tear down the soft flesh of the girl to pieces. God only knows what the consequences it would have been in this jungle!


The hill Heroes (UNC and ANSAM with the blessings of their Godfathers NSCN-IM) sprang like a tiger and started defending their territories (Yes! tigers are territorial) and called for 72 hours of bandh or blockade. The FFM and Shumang Leela groups backed by the old Lions of Manipur — the UCM and AMUCO (they too are equally territorial), kept their promises. Both the Kings of the Jungles, the Tigers and Lions (I don’t know who is more powerful), stands tall and gave a nerve-racking roars to make December 26, 2012 midnight — a nightmare for all the ‘puppies’ (including me) of Manipur. Our powerful Himalayan Bears (the Kukis), who freely roamed the jungles are less affected and don’t take a heed to the situations. Good for them!


While the Vultures (supporters of all evils it may be X, Y, Z), perched on the branches of the trees and waited for the Kings to retreat and eat the leftover behind. These filthy, smelly, scavenger birds always waited for their masters leftover and influenced them to kill-kill-kill! They usually fight each other’s again — even then they got the rotten intestines. What a mesmerizing scenes it is now, Manipuri Junglees have ever produced. The Jungle Directors and Producers (Government of India and NSCN-IM) should be given the Academy Awards for creating such a thrilling drama or dilemma in this 21st Century.


The Cunning Foxes (Indian Politicians as well as Manipuri) taking the advantages of the two warring Kings of the jungles, simply snatched away their catches and enjoy the meals, while the hungry brave jungle Kings — roared; till their saliva dried and body dehydrated. Pity is the scenes for the lean and thin Kings of Manipur. They should understand now that the cunning foxes are fed-up — new alien animals called ‘Hyena’ (abominable ugly creatures and highly reproductive), are entering their so called ‘Territory’. These creatures will eat-up all their resources (the puppies and the rabbits), which they are depended upon. Now the jungle Kings, rather than fighting each others should protect and preserve their own subjects, if they want to survive. Else, the Hyenas, the socialized group of well trained ferocious animals, one-by-one, will simply engulf not only your territories but also your ‘unique history and political rights’!


The Monkeys (senior citizens, women organizations and all the NGO’s registered or unregistered) jumped from one branches to another — calling, hooting and alerting, time and again, for whatsoever petty the matters or issues is; just to make the Jungle noisy. Dear Junglees, Sikari Sambhu is already asleep, so retreat to your branches and have a Banana in this ‘Banana Republic’ Jungle!


Our ‘Eye-for-Eye’ or ‘Tooth-for-Tooth’ concept will never show progress, because we have a very small eyes (mongoloid and myopic) and worn-out teeth (due to prolong grinding and gnawing out of angers). The ‘Prisms’ that we tried to used for seeing the future is no more Polygonal, rather it has become Octagonal! So the reflections of the lights will never be homogenous. The future of Manipuri is dispersed in all directions, with no hopes of streamlining the ‘ray of hope’!


In this scenario, ‘O’ Dear Kings, please be sensible! Kindly, protect your subjects and families. Egos never paid handsomely. Tomorrow you will die, but don’t let your subjects to ‘Spit on your Graves’. Let bouquets and garlands adorned your graves. Let you be a ‘Martyr’ who died for your ‘puppies’ in this treeless Jungle!


Finally, as a subject or a family member of the Manipuri Jungle, I sincerely put the following end-points. If accepted please digest it, if not discard it!


End-Points: We do not need altitudinal, latitudinal or longitudinal changes; but we (Manipuri) seriously need ‘Attitudinal Changes’! How to achieve it — is a matter of you and me, shaking hands, sitting together and discussing the matters or issues in front of a warm fire with ‘Sekmai Chamelei in the Jar’. Happy New Year, 2013.

Dr. Khwairakpam Gajananda
Associate Professor, 
Center for Environmental Sciences,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
E-mail: gajkh@yahoo.com



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