A call for the history in the making By Hijam Joychandra


A call for the history in the making
By Hijam Joychandra

The trend of drug trafficking in the state is persistent and incorrigible until and unless another revolt of violent transformation like The Third Nupilal breaks out in order to save the youngsters and youths of future generation from being exploited by such trailing drug invasion. So far, numerous illicit drugs like ephedrine and pseudo- ephedrine were impounded whose values worth crores of rupees in the International market by the combined team of Special Intelligence Unit and NAB units in many occasions from Imphal Tulihal Airport that are dispatched from Metro airports on cargo flight in the form of consignments. The permissible and authorization of these drugs by the vigilance authority to freight from Metro airports is also a question of wonder.

But the sources and the destinations of this drug trafficking are made concealed and this nexus need to be cracking down. Some of the impounded drugs are disposed off in front of the media while many are vanished from the possession. For the first time, the involvement of many high profilers and officials in this drug smuggling is revealed as the valiant cop who leads the drug raid was transferred with immediate effect on the following day. The misled of political powers exercised to transfer a valiant cop like Inspector K. Ranjit for performing his rightful duty is gravely condemnable and deprivable. By being a mute spectator or by staging peaceful protests and demonstrations, no amicable solutions will bring forward to stop this social offence of drug trafficking. It is high time to invite for a forceful revolt like another Nupilal to bring forth a change to this deplorable system. Such transformation is the only hope to save the generation next from being gullibly slugged by illicit drugs.

The limit of tolerance for the people of the valley is on the verge of its conclusion and indeed fed up from being the suffered commoners or victims from all dimensions and perspectives of issues like high inflations due to frequent economic blockades as if it is permissible by laws and fashionable; power system failure; corrupt administration and sick governance; fear psychosis possessed in the mind of people as an ill impact of peace talks and autonomy demands; predicament lives in the midst of grenades and IEDs (“if the commoners obtained grenades, to whom are they going to hurl back” is the crux of transformation); and the dark side of globalization and its impracticable gaps. Drawing from various angles and perspectives, a psychic embedded vision is sighted in people’s mind that the people of the valley or the so called Meiteis community is on the verge of its extinction turmoil by horrific issues and agendas and by analyzing its scale of engulfment it is indeed necessary for the Meiteis to be protected and preserved.

Recent surrender dramas and misguidance of gullible youths by taking advantage of unemployment issues causing demoralization of youths of the state is also another factor contributing to the race extinction. At which part of the sphere where we can find a harmonious place to settle and a blissful environment for the young kids to grow and nourish? As life devalues, the future generation will curse us for sure of being a mere mute spectator rather than shaping a safe environment for them to cherish during our time. There shall be no fate for the future generation to cherish but to live a vagabond life slugged by those drug invasions.

Finding a solution, the identities of the concealed high officials and political leaders who are involved in drug trafficking are in need to be exposed and shackled. Dwelling public property for self causes must be stopped at once. Government’s delay tactics, blame gaming, short term memory of the public, negligence in tackling issues and suppression of any uprising movements by compensating with a fistful of money, being mute spectators, starting of many uprisings with a bang but concluded with a whimper without proper settlements won’t bring any amicable solutions to resolve the languished issues of the state.

The Governor should intervene and extend his support beyond jurisdiction for the cause of humanity by ostracizing the involved politicians from partaking governance. A collaborative effort is necessary to bring forth amicable solutions against corruption and drug trafficking. Role of media should also be broaden its spectrum by conducting various sting operations against those corrupt leaders and exposing the hidden truths and scams to the public for spreading awareness and transformational changes. Let us pledge to transform our society from being a state of languish and superseded by the terror of drug invasion. Let us pledge to tackle the drug trafficking issues collectively and shackle those involved in such social offences.


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