ICHAM asks SIU re-institution


    IMPHAL, January 20: The Information Center for Hills Area, Manipur (ICHAM) has demanded for a CBI investigation into the fall out of the incidents following the seizure of illegal drugs worth around one and half crore rupees by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) from the Imphal Tulihal airport on the evening of 11 January.

    Speaking to the media at a press conference held at Manipur Press Club, ICHAM president N Rajendro said that the SIU was established on May 6 year to control and check of illegal drugs being brought in the state. “During a short period of just 9 months, the SIU has done remarkably well led by Inspector K Ranjit and was able to seize around 10 crore worth of illegal drugs which were being brought into the state through aeroplanes or by interstate bus plying in the state and from the post office.” In this situation, he said that it is very unfortunate to demolish the SIU just after a day when the SIU team seized a huge consignment of illegal drugs worth around 1.40 crore from the Tulihal airport which was brought in an Air Deccan flight from Kolkata.

    Regarding the abolishing of the SIU after the major drug haul, Rajendro expressed suspicion that there might be a hand of the airport authority, the state government and some high profile bureaucrat officers of the state in the illegal drugs trade in the state and that because of them, the SIU has been abolished so they can continue to bring in more drugs.

    He further said that it is very unfortunate to hear about the abolishing of a Unit which is showing results in terms of its work. “Instead of rewarding them for their achievements, the Government has instead quashed the body,” he said.

    Rajendro further appealed to the state government to re-establish the SIU in the state to stop illegal drug trades in the state as many youths of the state are caught in the grips of drug abuse. He also appealed to all the ruling and opposition MLAs to raise their voices loud and clear against the illegal drug trade in the state and to work collectively for the better cause of the society.


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