Milad-Un-Nabi celebrated


IMPHAL, January 25: A Milad-Un-Nabi celebration was organized by the Pangal (Manipur Muslim) Political Forum (PPF) Manipur at Keikhu.

The Milas Un Nabi celebration was attended by Working President PPF, Azizul Haque Khan, Chief Advisor PPF, Abdul Rehman Khan Retd. IAS, former PPF Alhaj Zalalluddin, Associate Professor Alhaj Serajuddin, Pesh Imam of Babupara Maulana Shaeed, Madrassa Majahrul Uloom of Mayang Imphal Mufti Abdul Helim, President PPF AR Shah, Advocate Md Abdul Quayum, Mufti Safiullah and Deputy Director Horticulture Alhaj Hafizuddin as presidium members of the celebration.

Spokesperson of the PPF, MI Khan delivering the keynote said that today is the birth day of Prophet Muhammad who is the messenger of Allah. He elaborated that his birthday is celebrated in many parts of the world today. He added that at the age of 40 years Muhammad was given prophet hood during one of his meditation session at Mount Hira when revelation of the Holy Quran started. He further said that since his prophet hood Muhammad begun campaigning to spread the message of love, peace, brotherhood, forgiveness, sacrifice to the people around him which later spread far corner of world.

MI Khan said that one must learn and follow Prophet Muhammad and spread the message of peace and unity. He said that in the current conflict situation and fear psychosis of the state could be erased if we all follow and learn from Prophet Muhammad’s teaching.

PPF advisor Md Abdul Rehman Retd. IAS rendering vote of thanks said that Prophet Muhammad had multi divine personality as prophet, as reformer, as refuge of orphans or as saint.

The Milad-Un-Navi celebration was also attended by renowned personalities of the Muslim community.


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