Press Release-Ways to bring social development discussed at “Chakma Youth Fest” in Mizoram


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16 January 2013

Ways to bring social development discussed at “Chakma Youth Fest” in Mizoram

Aizawl: “Udondhi – The Chakma Youth Fest” programme ended with huge success and roaring appreciation at Kamala Nagar, headquarters of the Chakma Autonomous District Council in southern Mizoram, on 13 January 2013. This social fest with the theme “Our Past, Present and Future” was jointly organized by several Chakma civil society organizations, led by Mizoram Chakma Development Forum (MCDF) at Borapansury and Kamala Nagar. Thousands of people participated in the three-day event.

MCDF President Hemanta Larma, speaking at Udondhi programme
MCDF President Hemanta Larma, speaking at Udondhi programme

On the first day, 11 January, over 200 Chakma youths, both men and women, participated in the first ever “Udondhi Dumur” (marathon) from Borapansury to Kamala Nagar, a distance of 33 KM, covering five villages. This “Udondhi Dumur” symbolized peace, communal harmony and unity.

On 12 and 13 January, “Jono Temmang” (open session) was held which heard outstanding ideas from public leaders on several critical social, educational and economic issues. The topics were on education, how to inspire Chakma youths to crack competitive exams, arts, script, culture, religious identity, economic conditions, alternative livelihood, women empowerment, role of civil society organizations, etc. Dangu Nirupam Chakma, Hon’ble MLA, was the Chief Guest and freedom fighter Dangu Baneswar Chakma was the Guest of Honour. Dangu Dr Buddha Dhan Chakma, Hon’ble Executive Member, CADC, represented the Chakma Autonomous District Council at the programme.

The speakers called upon the Chakma society to march towards development, shed negative attitudes and negative habits, and to contribute to the social progress and the development of the State of Mizoram. On the occasion, Dangu Hemanta Larma, MCDF President exhorted all the Chakmas, especially the youth, “to work for social integration, cultivate positive attitudes and not to remain only ‘demanding citizens’ but to become ‘contributing citizens’ towards the development of the community and the state.”

83-year-old Dangu Baneswar Chakma was felicitated and honoured for his participation in the Indian freedom movement and for his lifelong contributions towards the Chakma society. A number of community leaders were also honoured for their dedicated community service.

Colourful cultural programmes were held in the evening of 12 January.

On 13 January, a closed door meeting was held in which a number of critical social issues were discussed and resolutions adopted for the betterment of the Chakma community.

On 15 January, MCDF also organized a picnic at Kamala Nagar with over a hundred youths who volunteered during the “Udondhi” programme. In the picnic, the youths discussed their role in the development of the Chakma society.


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