Solar lighting: more off than on


IMPHAL, January 22: The Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency (MANIRENDA) under the approval from the Manipur Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) has taken up the initiative to lighten up the Imphal city with solar street lamps but unfortunately, a good number of them are not in working condition even though they were installed just a few months ago.

MANIRENDA had for the first time installed solar street lamps starting from Palace Gate traffic island to Minuthong Hatta road medians. MANIRENDA started the project in September last under the Science & Technology department.  81 solar street lamps are supposed to be have been installed so far. Each of the 21 feet tall solar street lamp is installed with a battery which is said to last for five years and the bulb installed in the solar lighting system is said to last for 50,000 hours.

However, it has been many days that five solar street lamps near the Palace Gate traffic Island are not functioning. A few lamps at New Checkon area are not working even though they were installed only a month ago. Locals of the area are now seeking attention from the concerned authorities. 


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