Students Unions asks for clarity on CDSU


LAMKA, January 17: In response to a Churachandpur District Students’ Union press statement issued yesterday, the presidents/secretaries of five student unions namely Thahdou Kuki Student Union, Hmar Student Association, Mizo Zirlai Pawl, Zillai and Komrem Student Union has issued another press statement saying that it wanted to clear the misconception that has arisen out of the proposed general strike on the January 18 by ATSUM which is backed by CDSU.
They clarified that the CDSU has ceased to exist as an apex student union of the district with the resignation of the above stated five constituent student unions.
They stressed that the advisory committee which run the CDSU at present was formed by the ex-leader of the union and the very existence of this committee is credible proof that the union stands dissolved.
Lastly they argued that the so-called ATSUM has also been formed by few with vested interest persons without following the proper conventions and process of the ATSUM.  Therefore, the so-called ATSUM cannot claim itself to be an apex tribal student body of the state.
In the light of the above stated point the five leaders say that CDSU had no LOCUS STANDI of its own and declared that they did not recognize the CDSU and so-called ATSUM and will not be a part of any activities that may be called by them.
Meanwhile, the Churachandpur District Student Union (CDSU) today issued a second press release in as many days and said that, since the withdrawal of the few parent bodies from the Union a series of sincere effort were initiated to restore the image and prestige of the Union.
It continued that the exercise failed to produce desirable result and having no other option the remaining parent bodies of the union petitioned that advisor of the union to sort out the confusion, the advisor accordingly convened a meeting on January 17, 2013 at CDSU administrative building, New Bazaar, Churachandpur where they accepted the withdrawal of some parent bodies.
The meeting also decided to change the existing letterhead of the Union.  Further, the meeting resolved that the new executives shall occupy the office and take charges of the Union with immediate effect from today, the 17th Jan, 2013.
Thus, the newly formed executives of the CDSU as it stands today include president Pumkhenchin; vice president, Th Thonglunthang; general secretary, Thangkhanlun Samte; secy organisation, Kamsuanmung Guite; finance secy, P Nengkhosoi; secretary, Information & Publicity, Pumkhanlian Tombing.
The CDSU release stated that the new executive formed today stands for the bandh called by ATSUM on the 18th of January, 2013 stand as it is and warned the public to observe the said bandh.


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