URF sounds warning on drug trade


IMPHAL, January 17: The United Revolutionary Front, Manipur has said in a press release that the outfit cannot take the issue of a drug epidemic spreading fast in Manipur lightly. It said the outfit’s department of intelligence service has already started looking into the issue.
“Even as Manipur is trying to cope with the devastating influence of Heroin (No 4), several other drugs are being brought in and introduced to the youths of Manipur,” it said.
This continuing trend should not be taken lightly by the people of Manipur, the release said, and added it is not just a means for some individuals to earn money but that drugs are being brought in to destroy the present generation of Manipur.
It has further alleged that its department of intelligence service has found out that several high officials of the police, officers and security forces including Assam Rifles are involved in the bringing in of drugs to Manipur. It has further asked all those involved to cease bringing in of drugs at once and warned that the outfit’s DIS has identified most of those involved in the business. The outfit has further announced certain individuals as ‘wanted’ due to their involvement in the drugs supply.


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