Women groups rally behind assaulted airport staff


IMPHAL, January 20:Addressing media at a press conference held at the Manipur Press Club today noon, staff and members of the Emergency Essential Service of the Tulihal Airport, Imphal have voiced their concern and condemnation over the brutal assault of women staff by contractor Kangjam Nilabir, son of K Pishak of Malom bazaar on 21 December last year at the airport arrival area.

Narrating about the incident, Geeta Maibam a Supervision staff of the EES of Tulihal airport said that contract works for cleaning the premises for the year 2013 was given to Kangjam Nilabir on December 4. Following this, he ordered all the staff working in the EES to come to his house and sign on a paper that stated that all the staff were getting 6 thousand rupee monthly while he would only be giving 3 thousand only, Geeta alleged. Nilabir asked all the staff to sign the paper in case they wanted to resume their work, she maintained. All staff members opposed the condition made by the contractor. Later on December 21, Amom Tembi wife of A Khamba of Tabungkhok Makha Leikai was brutally assaulted by the contractor Nilabir at the arrival area of the airport around 8.30 am following which she was hospitalized at RIMS.

Geeta further mentioned that the staff filed an FIR regarding the incident at the Singjamei Police Station which led to the arrest of the Nilabir but he was let free by the police without any compromise or negotiation with the assaulted victim.

Speaking at the press conference, S. Ibetombi President of the Women Association for Civic Action Kangleipak said that the incident of brutal assault to the women staff by the contractor in question is very condemnable. She asked the contractor Nilabir to come to the organization within five days of time and clarify regarding the incident without fail. She further demanded to know the intention of asking only for the women staff to come to his house for their signatures.

Accusing the police personnel of Sinjamei Police who were involved in the investigations against Nilabir of being corrupt, she asked over how much money they have would taken as a bribe from Nilabir for letting him go.

K Memchoubi of Poirei Leimerol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur said that the action of the contractor shows that he does not have any amount of respect for women in the state. She further stated that her organization would complain to the concerned department regarding the release of Nilabir from the custody of Singjamei Police.


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