ZUF wishes for Chakan Gan-Ngai


IMPHAL, Jan 17: The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) said today that the outfit is exceedingly happy to greet the people of Zeliangrong Nagas in particular and the people of the entire North Eastern region on the heralding “Chakan Gan-Ngai” festival, which commences on January 24.  “May the good Lord bestow abundant blessing of peace and prosperity to all on the occasion.  The autumnal festival of light and victory over evil shall bring about better changes of life and the brighter future,” A Dangmei, the information and publicity secretary of the ZUF has greeted today.
“Chakan Gan-Ngai depicts the Zeliangrong Naga mythology connected with Lord Amangh, who celebrated the first Tarengkai/Tarengki among the human beings before the Lord Amangh turned God himself.  Among all the creatures of the world, man and tiger were asked to discover fresh fire.  Men won the competition and became the master of the world as blessed by Lord Amangh.  Such is the significance of the festival to mark the discovery of sacred fire,” A Dangmei stated while giving reference to the Zeliangrong mythology.
“Originally, this festival was known as Chaga Ngi till it was bifurcated into Gan Ngai and Ring Ngai to be celebrated as three separate festivals – Chaga Ngi, Gan Ngai, and Ring Ngai.  While Chaga Ngi is known as Hega/Langsem Ngi in Zeme.  These festivals are celebrated by Zeliangrong tribes – Zeme, Liangmei, Rongmei, Puimei(Inpui) Naga and its allied tribes,” A Dangmei said.
Meanwhile, the ZUF has appealed to all the concerned irrespective of different faiths and belief to jointly celebrate the traditional festival including Chakan Gan-Ngai as to contribute to the culturally rich Zeliangrong identity and solidarity.  The Front also appealed not to call any bandh or strike during the Gan-Ngai celebration.


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