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Nagas have been sharply divided under NPF: Dr TM Lotha

WOKHA, Feb 10 (NEPS): The people of Nagaland have been experiencing unprecedented divisions amongst them under the NPF-led regimes and such developments did not augur well for the future of the Naga people, said Dr TM Lotha, NCP candidate from 38 Wokha Assembly Constituency.

Talking to North East Press Service on the sidelines of his campaign trails here Sunday, the former Minister recalled as to how he as Chairman of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of DAN worked tirelessly to bring unity among the various Naga underground groups and civil societies and overground people.

Dr TM Lotha dusty campiagn trail at Wokha

“We had been meeting with leaders of various Naga underground groups while I was Chairman of the PAC and we could convince them of the urgency of coming together for finding solution to the longstanding Naga political issue,” Dr Lotha said. “I tried my best to unite the Nagas as a PAC Chairman but all have been shattered because various tribal blocs came up—viz Tenemiya, Central Naga Tribal Council (CNTC), ENPO, etc.”

“Who is responsible for these unwanted developments in the Naga societies,” he asked and alleged, “It is because of the misrule of the NPF.”

Stating that there was hardly anyone who could speak that “I am a Naga.” Because CNTC would speak for them, Tenemiya would speak for the Tenemiya people and ENPO would speak for them, he said asking who would speak for the Nagas. “And as such, unfortunately, the Naga cause was badly divided today by the NPF,” Dr Lotha added.

On the developmental front, the Dr Lotha said the NPF-led DAN Government did not perform their bounden duties in the last five years. “There is absolutely no development in the last five years of NPF-led DAN rule,” he blurted. “No development in road sectors, there is a mess in the educational sector besides power crises, etc. “It is endless to say,” he added.

“They (NPF) are bound to fall this time and will be rejected by the people,” he said.



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