Minister appeals sericulture farmers to work hard


LAMKA, March 13: The Sericulture Department of Churachandpur today held a Sericulture Awareness Campaign cum Training and Distribution of rearing equipments at Synod Hall I B Road.

The Minister of Sericulture/Commerce and Industry/Vety, Govindas Konthoujam Singh and Principal Secretary Seri./comm.and industry, O Nabakishor Singh graced the function as the Chief guest and functional President, respectively while Churachandpur DC Jacintha Lazarus attended as the guest of honour and Director of Sericulture H Ginzamang Simte as Chief host.

Speaking on the occasion, Govindas Konthoujam Singh said that the community at large depend on the farmer and he exhorted Sericulture farmers to work hard so as to reap the fruits of their work.

He said that sericulture is an important sector that has many potential and as such funds at the tune of Rs 134 crore has already been sanctioned for phase one of the sericulture project in the state.

The minister said that the Japanese government had also sanctioned about Rs 100 crore for the said sector which shows that Manipur has the potential to shine in this sector among other North Eastern States.

He said,”It is because we have the ability to produce the best quality of silk in the world which in fact attracted the interest of other nations as well.”

In the phase two of the project, the Minister said that there is a sum of Rs 394 crore to support the project. He challenged the farmers to utilize the money so that it will not end in a useless purpose  being served or inside the pocket of some officials.

He further added that if they work hard he would ensure that funds would flow.

If any of the farmer have any difficulty in understanding any process by which the farm should function/run, all the staffs including himself, would always be there to help them and they can approach them directly anytime, he told the gathering of farmers.

Director of Sericulture, H Ginzamang Simte  also  said that the department had implemented the phase one of the Sericulture Project which has had a 60% success and added that phase two will commence soon following a green signal from the Ministry of Textiles.

The SDO of CCpur, speaking on behalf of the DC said that the administration is ever ready to help the farmers in the best possible.

O Nabakishor Singh speaking on the occasion pointed out that mulberry plantation is one of the most popular in the state and further added that even if the farmers find it difficult to get a market to sell their products, then the government would buy their entire product.

The federation of the farmers then requested the Minister to fund them so that they will be able to go and gather technology know how of seri farming from the neighboring state of Mizoram which is said to be quite a success in this sector. The Minister  promply  told them to select representatives from its Sub Division level so that they could be sent to witness and learn from the success story of not only Mizoram but Jharkhand as well, where there is a sericulture boom.

A total of five solar lamps, five nylon and plastic containers each and five plastic basins are distributed by the department officials on the occasion to the gathering farmer. Further distribution will reportedly continue at the office since some items were not appropriate to be handed out during the program today.


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