My First Born


By Michae

A smile visible on my two month Old’s lip,
Is all it takes for me to realise the power of a smile;
A smile followed by a frown,
In his sleep is all it takes for me to shed a tear or two of joy and fullness.

Sleeping unaware without a care for the world,
My own blood and flesh in my own arms nestling against my own chest;
Sleeping through dreams not to be recollected again,
Contentment and happiness writ large over his face and mine.

Not a sigh to let out for all of world’s faults,
Sleeps until feel the pangs of hunger;
A sigh escapes his mouth, when hungry,
Followed by wails and cries until the little mouth finds his mother’s bosom.

In his mother’s bosom he finds solace,
And the twinkle in his eyes returns;
Showing promises of a bright future,
Carrying forward the promise of my lineage.

A twinkle in his eyes and a twitch of his little nose,
Are all it take for my heart to overflow with love;
Overshadowing all other feelings of love in me
And through him and his children, I will live forever.


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