Opposition raises drug issue in Assembly


IMPHAL, March 7: The issue of drugs proliferation in the state was discussed on the Assembly floor today.“The State government should seize the airplane which transported illegal drugs in the state”, said MLA L Ibomcha while moving a calling attention motion on the seizure of psychotropic drugs on the second day of the 4th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The MLA also announced a sum of rupees 50,000 from his salary as cash award to the police team who had arrested PRO of Defense Wing, Ajay Choudhury along with five other persons with Rs 15 crore worth of psychotropic drugs.

The motion was jointly moved by the MLA along with Opposition leader, Dr. I Ibohalbi.

Opposition leader Dr. I Ibohalbi before moving the motion sought permission of the Speaker if the motion could be converted to a short hour discussion so that all the members could participate.

Moving the calling attention motion, MLA Dr. I Ibohalbi stated that handing over of the drug smuggling case to the CBI is not enough as the state government does not have a proper CBI court and it would remain in the ambit of a district judge. He said at present, the CBI court has been attached to two district and Session judge which is already burdened by various cases.

He said the state government needs to set up a fast track court in all the districts of the state for speedy trials in order to book the culprits involved in the drug smuggling case. The setting up of a special court for investigation of the psychotropic drug crime is also provided under the section 30 of the NDPS Act, added Ibohalbi.

Ibohalbi also questioned the reason for registering 3 FIR’s into the case of the PRO`s arrest. Ibohalbi also asked the Home Minister on whether the decision to hand over the case has been accepted by the CBI or not. He also urged to clarify on the announced assistance provided by the NCB into the investigation.

MLA L Ibomcha while moving the motion said the police personnel involved in the seizure of the drug consignment at Pallel from PRO Defense Wing Ajay Choudhury should be awarded by the state government.

In replying to the motion raised by the two opposition MLAs, Home Minister Gaikhangam said the government is taking a serious look into to the issue of drug menace in the state.

He said the state police team has been investigating over the matter with seriousness even though the government had decided to hand over the case to the CBI.

He said the 6 persons including former Defense PRO Ajay Choudhury and son of an MLA Seikholet Hoakip who was later arrested are presently detained in police custody and they will be produced at court on March 8. Over the development made by the state police regarding the seizure of psychotropic drugs, Home Minister Gaikhangam said the drug smuggling episode seem to have been existing for quite some time in the state. He also said that since certain persons from outside the state are involved, the government is planning to hand over the case to CBI as the CBI can investigate at any place.

Terming the drug menace as dangerous, Gaikhangam said the  number of people killed by drugs are more than the number of people killed by bullets. He said the drug menace may wipe out the entire section of the youth of a generation. He appealed to the people of the state to jointly fight the drug menace through the august House.


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