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Peace will follow after AFSPA goes: Irom Sharmila

IMPHAL, March 13: “The State is plagued by many problems, the smuggling of drugs by influential people and specially those associated with the security forces is a major threat. But , then there is also AFSPA, rampant corruption and strife with internal killings in this so called democracy,” said Irom Sharmila in the course of a brief interview with this IFP reporter at Porompat where the crusader is continuing wit her fast calling for the repeal of the AFSPA.

She further said that it is high time that the public introspects and put a foot down. “The public needs a self realization. There has to be a collective effort from all the communities. we need an united stance to bring about a better Manipur”, she stated.

She lamented the fact that aside from civil organizations, there has not been a unified voice from the public demanding the scrapping of the draconian AFSPA. Giving an opinion about the recent Supreme Court appointed Commission conducting a three day inquiry and possible justice meted out to the involved security personnel, she added that a PIL filed by one Thiyam Suresh at the Supreme Court to scrap AFSPA has not been taken up. “The State government objects to repealing the Act also. First AFSPA must go, then there can be peace in the State,”she said.



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