Hydro For Human, Human To Hydro


Water is life, life is water; care of water is care of life

B. Angousana Sharma

When the thought of environment shadowed over human sense the societies of human being ascend to live beings as; human being, animal being; being concern over plants, herbs and insects on the earth Plane water become cross finger demand of the life stocks. The vertical oscillation the horizontal arrow-heads; the warps and woofs of the water culture revealed; which is now in the thought ponds rising belatedly. Which of the view prevailed into the new generation water culture come into act, admixing to the environmental holocaust, day by day.

When the human mind distorted with the misbehaving acts towards environment the climax of revolution turns to destruction. The plants, the vegetation, the hills, the streams; changing the rivers courses, the volcanoes alive, lakes and ponds either changed into the ocean or into the desert with the act of cyclone, tycoon, hurricane, the tidal wave, eruption of the earthquake and un-natural activities exhibits on the earth planet, as result of the misused of mines, misused of quarries, digging into the foothills, deforestations, extinct of animals, extinct of the birds and lost of vegetations; causing the shifting of icebergs into the ocean; causing avalanched into the huge snowbound hills are example of natural lose. At such, the animals, the birds use to shift to the safe zones; the fish the earthworm use to over ground. The earth either become too cool or to extreme hot. Sometimes earthquake also occurred; due to that sudden change of river course also would appear. The flood, the draught, migration of the fish and birds will appear suddenly. The wind will be polluted, the water will be adulterated. This time would be the synthesis of survival for the living beings on the earth planet.

Due to natural descends cautioned to the human society; which of the time human being has to think upon preservation of jungles, vegetation, rivers, ponds of water, lakes; oxbo-lakes, oasis, springs, animals, birds, insects and worms, so that, an attempt to make sustain nature on the earth; so that violation of natural law would disappear and can learn the history of environment.

What is the motive behind environment then? ft is nothing but human being has realised that no one can neglect environment; because, Environment is nearest neighbour to the human being and other living beings. This is the value and necessity of environment.

Environment contained water carrier wave which gives live to all beings in the world. Therefore, understanding of environment and discussion upon environment and up gradational observation into environmental phenomenon of the world become due important for the human being. As therefore, it become necessary to search into oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium gases, are also relatively contained hydro chemical substances, which of the substances are always exist in the environmental waves during inhaling and exhaling acts of living beings. Therefore, hydrogen as water compound is found to be primal object for life.

In Sanatana and father of Sanatana the VEDA impounded the theory of existence without water; hence proven with the verse as JAL HI VISHNU HAIN. The Almighty VISHNU Himself is water. Also Vishnu exposes on the ocean with the water born serpent ANANT. And therewith, there would not prove to be having live without hydro compound.

On the other view point water is the only source of civilisation. For example the big cities are all situated on the big rivers vallies of the world. Due to wet and swampy on the vallies vegetables are found Abundant for human consumption. Consumption of Vegetables the human body could maintain and fulfill the demand of the required fluid in the physical body of the world.

Thus, water is giving sufficient strength to form blood in the body; and due to liquid form blood is easily circulating into the other parts of the body; otherwise lives of the beings would not be possible, if the blood would have been dried and non-circulable from one part to the other parts of the body, and no live body would have been formed; hence question of the world would not be existed.

Therefore, the object water become compounding natural subjection for all faculties of the universities of the world.

These of the reasons how hydro would be inseparable from the Earth Planet. Therefore, Earth is mother of hydrogen, in turn, water is life of the Earth. Therefore, the living and non-living beings on the earth have non-breakable relationship with water; besides, water can not neglect by human being, being conscious one. Thereupon too, people have no idea about value of water, therefore, people did not pay attention on water as of we the living beings are depends upon water for survival. Therefore, to err on care of water or the hydro materials has no right for living, rather fit to die miserably.

This would be the reason why people have to open up the senses for preservation of water; and therefore, people have start talking and writing about water seriously, today. But the heritage of Bharatvarsha had the respect to the water but we have forgotten. We worshiped SAMUDRA, the sea; we worshiped the river; the water in the lakes and in the ponds. We offer ritualistic STOTRAS unto water, and water had own sanctity since inception of the commencement of the world. Therefore, to maintain the sanctity of water in Bharatvarsha will not be new. However, to clean, to purify water which become polluted would be an administrative step, which is appreciable for the society who cared water.

Another sacred culture of water is own sanctity, which of every detail of life of human being use to clean through water alone; though breathing air itself contained water when inhale or exhale. So water does not spare even the fire and smoke. It is proof that when fire hits a foreign body to burn the first burn would draw the water compounds then dried the remaining portion, moreover the water compound remained in the body as fuel to burn. Therefore, it is prove that water is omnipresent, omnipotent and mixture of all atmosphere of living phenomenon of the world. However, it would be premature to say water is everything. Because I am not the authority and not a laboratory expert in science who had dimensional knowledgeable test of water undergone. Moreover, water is the nonseperable one among the five elements i.e. (PANCHATATWA), the water, the fire, the ether, the earth, the air. As if, it would be logic to inform that the concentration and external search upon water will materialise the gross need of the society in need of water or hydro compound for existence.

Therefore, it is also important to know how water comes and goes or cycle of water would be general consideration for common people, which is a basic and a class-V standard educational lesson on water. Moreover, our duty for water on the earth is more important today. Therefore, the first discussion would be retention of water. For retention of water we need to concentrate upon harvesting, channalisation, preservation, method of use of water in day to day life, and use of water for human being, for animal being and for vegetation through irrigational canals etc. may be discussed.

For harvesting water on the earth, where water does not retained due to slope land or due to hard dry land big and very big reservoir prepared so to reserve the water for human use for all year round; for that physical efforts as well as financial affords are involved. The same water can use to the cultivation of foods and in the gardens. Or in the plain, valley land water use to bring through either by rivers on perennial way after rain is over. There in absorbed in the trees and herbs would be the natural source of water. Or the huge ponds and lakes in the vallies remained and retained for long durations due to sufficient deposits, which normally used by the human being. Another popular method of fetching water to fulfill the human demand, either for the field of cultivation or for direct human consumption people use to search water into the earth in depth, which found huge amount of deposit of water under earth, would be the most popular and successful method for finding water. Thus men start cultivation with sufficient water sources in the plateaus of various places of the world. As such, the hill peoples are also managed to retain water on the flow from hill streams by making barrages, so that, an all year round supply of water being arranged.

The above discussed methods of producing water would then possible when water is formed and retained on the earth. The main problem on formation of water from cloud, cloud to rain, rain water to earth and retain it on the earth would be association of earth, air, ether and cloud; which is environment of the area of prevailed. Therefore, environment is always involved while discussing upon water culture. Therefore to maintain the earthly creations through nature is necessary on today`s water problem, which is demand of the people of the world.

To maintain environment we have to care of nature; the earth, the hills, the trees, the herbs, the animals, the river, the natural lakes, the streams, the birds, the insects, the worms etc. These are caretakers of environment as environment is mixture of nature and artificial produces which prevailed into the universe; which is also producers of nectar and venom on the earth. Therefore, to cut trees without being authorised; to hunt animal without permission; to lit fire into the jungles without keeping knowledge of the government and the local authorities are all punishable according to law; but not been noticed to the authority; which again yet to educate the local authority for strict adherence of the law according to the local administrations.

Therefore, the city peoples are more conscious than rural habitations in connection with use of water as; in the cities, water is used in three categories ; the first, for human consumption; the second , for animals; the third, for vegetation or for cultivation and used in the gardens to water flowers. Thus, the same water absorbed into the earth; filtered into the natural process. The same water elevates the level under earth, which become fit to draw and fetch for recycle in use. But now the first category of water again categories into another categories by refining, purifying and bottling and sealing with the view point of hygienic demands of the people in the developed societies. But, such type of water does not give energy to the being but it is mean to fulfill the fluid demand of the human body.

For the strong water, energetic water we will find in the streams, in the springs and in the wells with full minerals as required for human body. It is true also that such water needs filter before use. However, such water is available in the limited areas now. Therefore, use of manufactured water is safe in the cities; because, there were precautionable bacteria’s adulterated in the city bound water currents, which is badly harmful for human consumption.

Therefore, keeping in view of the environment and natural changes use of water become precautionable; use of reserved water and harvested water would be more careful; though ponds water in the rural areas are necessary to keep keen to hygiene and sanitation. Because, water is life and life is water.


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