Intellectual property day observed


IMPHAL, April 26: The Manipur Science and Technology Council (MASTEC) in association with Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC) and Department of Botany, Imphal College observed World intellectual property day-2013 under the theme “Creativity-The next generation” at Imphal College today.

During the occasion Th Baite, Director i/c Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (MSME-DI), Imphal spoke on the topic `Intellectual Property Rights`. “To earn money by intellectual means is a very clean method. People should think of how to utilize intellectual property, he said, adding that his office would provide any assistance in the matter. 

Speaking at the occasion Dr Ksh Chourjit Singh, Prof and Head of Pediatrics, JNIMS shared his experience of making a prototype medical instrument with the help of a teacher when he was a medical student. The teachers appreciated his work and said it will be very useful in medical science. However, the instrument was not patented as he did not have knowledge of the process during those days, he said and added, “There is a need to get patent for our things being kept for us by our forefathers otherwise the patents will be taken by other states like Nagaland took the intellectual rights for U-Morok.”

Ramesh Chandra Hamom, Principal Imphal College; and Dr L Dinachandra Singh, Senior Scientific Officer MASTEC also spoke at the occasion.


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