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Press Release – POWER JAM-II :: Saturday 20 April ’13

The Club Muzik will host its second edition of Power Jam on the 20th of April, 2013 at Oinam, Manipur. It is an event for rock bands and artist to showcase and share their musical talents in a common platform. This PJ will witness fifteen rock bands of the state (Manipur) coming together to perform and exchange musical presentations. It is a Launchpad for young, amateur and semi-pro bands and artist who are committed to strive to the next level.

Oinam’s PJ is all sponsored by Tiddim 34 & Friends and volunteered by Oinam Sports Association. The event will be equipped with Hills Sound Reinforcement (Senapati, Manipur) new line arrays sound consoles which are the most advanced live concert equipment in the state. Participating bands include The 3 Strings, War Machine, Pilliwinks, Crush & Burn, Hate Blood, Circumlocutory, Chem Weed F.M, Dfined, Yuthak Wah, Dark Distortion and Healing Crisis alongside Rubicons, The Wishess, Idyllics and Cleave from 3:00 pm. Onwards.



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