Question on Satyabhama’s death


IMPHAL,April 8: There are new developments that Satyabhama may have been gang raped and finally done to death.

From credible sources and investigation by IFP, it is learnt that post the press meet convened by the DGP and other senior police officials today, the irate JAC members and public razed the three houses belonging to the named culprits to the ground.

In one incident, when the mob had started to burn the house of the main accused Ksh Biju at Irilbung bazaar today afternoon, an aged woman who was Biju’s neighbor had run out to inquire about the commotion. The youths explained that Biju was Shatyabhama’s killer and they had come to torch his place.

She told the youths that she had overheard cries of a woman emerging from Biju’s residence at around 2 am in the morning on April 3.

She heard the scream, “Eigei thawaidadi kanbiyu, eigei thawaidadi kanbiyu” (please spare my life).

Later, she heard a car drive in and after some time, it drove out. Afterwards, the screams emerging from the house ceased, she mentioned.

The irate youths on hearing the woman’s revelation thrashed up the woman as to why she did not reveal the fact earlier. Her explanation was that she was old and scared to go out and inquire into the matter.

This fact points that Shatyabhama was brought to Biju’s house on April 3, where she may have been physically abused by more than one person and later strangulated at the house. Her body was in all possibility loaded into the car and dumped at Bashikhong Wangkhei Loumanbi Loukon in the early hours of April 3.

It may be mentioned that police had seized a golden metallic Maruti car,  (AS/01-0397) from Thoudam Jibon (27), s/o late Thoiba of Irilbung Machahal Mayai Leikai.

IFP will continue with its investigation on Shatyabhama’s murder.


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