Women vendors reiterate stance against allowing men inside women markets


IMPHAL, April 18: Despite the various movements launched by women vendors against allowing men to stay or linger inside the market sheds meant exclusively for women, the news of one Rajesh Shah being caught with a local woman is annoying, said Phanjoubam (o) Likla Leima.

Women vendors of Khwairamband Bazar held a meeting today at the temporary market shed and resolved to ban any man from staying inside the market and to take up stern action against anybody who fails to obey the ban.

Informing this to reporters this noon, Phanjoubam (o) Likla Leima, President of Ema Panthoibi Sanakeithel (Marisuba market) said non-locals who used to earlier stay inside the market are now being banned from doing so, and added that the said man Rajesh Shah will have to go away from Manipur failing which he will be severely punished.

The woman caught with him is also banned from selling goods in the market, she continued.

She further informed that women vendors are appealed not to spoil the integrity of the market by using foul behavior and crude language.

Any man even if they happen to be the husband or relatives of the vendors should not be allowed to linger in the market sheds, Likla Leima said and added, `Let’s make the market exclusively for women.`

She then appealed to the women vendors not to stay in the market till late hours into the night but to return home early and to only approach Kanglei Economic Development Organisation (KEDO), Workers’ Union Manipur (WUM), and Manipur Senmit Ehou Lup (MARSEL) for taking care of or transportation of their goods.

Those who are not recognized by the women vendors are not allowed to carry goods inside the market, she  added and informed that a drive was also carried out by the women vendors inside the market today.


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