Committee on Estimates dissatisfied with works undertaken at Lairenpat-Puruksoubi


IMPHAL, May 3: The Committee on Estimates following an inspection tour of the Integrated Tourist Circuit at Lairenpat-Puruksoubi, has decided to cease all works of the contractors and engineers involved in the developmental works immediately.

The team was also supposed to inspect Leisang Hiden along with the other two, however the idea was ditched later.

The members of the committee were also accompanied by Manipur Development Society Director Yambem Ningthem, SOs, AEs and media persons during the inspection of the development works undertaken up by the Manipur Development Society.

Speaking to media persons on the sidelines, Chairman of the Committee on Estimates Dr Ng Bijoy said the committee will meet with the state Chief Minister on its decision.

Lamenting the developmental work to be unsatisfactory, he said the contractors and engineers have failed to maintain quality in the development work.

He continued, that during the start of the development work in 2010, the contractors and engineers concerned had assured its completion in three years-time for which the Centre had provided a total of Rs 6.48 crores to MDS.

He continued that the contractors and the engineers had already withdrawn 80 percent of the allocated funds for both Lairenpat-Puruksoubi.

However, even as the said time has elapsed, it is yet to be completed and at the same time the committee members are also dissatisfied with the quality maintenance of the works, he expressed.

Elaborating further he said, cracks have appeared at the gate and on the flooring at Lairenpat which means that the items used for the construction are sub-standard.

He continued that the footpath which was supposed to be six feet wide has been reduced to three feet during the construction and the fencing around the Integrated Tourist Circuit and the retaining walls are also not up to the mark.

He lamented further that even though the required funds have already been withdrawn, the Puruksoubi complex remains muddy while the walls around the complex seem to be reclining.

Thongju MLA, Th Bishorjit said unless the local MLA is concern with the developmental works in his constituency, there will be no development in the area.


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