Farmers` association protests price hike


IMPHAL, May 31: A sit in protest was staged at Keishampat Lairembi community hall today organized by the Manipur Loumi Lup protesting against price hike in essentials commodities and other various demands.

Speaking to the media at the sideline of the demonstration, Communist Party of India state secretary Dr Nara said that the protest is being staged to highlight the concern issue faced by the farmers of the state as the state government has failed to meet the need of the famers.

He further said that the government has already constructed several canals, dams and irrigation which have been inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson during their visit to the state.

“However, till today there is no water in the fields for agricultural works as all these projects are ways to only bluff and cheat the people of the state especially the farmers by the state government and as such the farmers’ suffering have only increased on a daily basis,” he declared.

“In the rural areas of the state there is lack of proper road connectivity, proper drinking water, and electricity supply and also PDS items are not properly distributed to the needy people,” he said.

The prizes of all essential items have today reached sky high and the people of the state especially the farmers suffer the most at times of blockade, bandh and general strike along the national highways as all items and commodities are brought into the state from other states, he said.

He also charged the state government of failure to provide security at both the national highways leading to the state for the safety of the drivers and the passenger.

“The drivers who are plying along these highways face harassment from anti-social elements, get beaten and even get killed,” he added.


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