Thangjam Dwijamani honored at Newseum Washington D.C. on May 13


Washington D.C./Imphal, May 14, 2013

The late journalist from Imphal – Thangjam Dwijamani Singh was honored during the rededication of the Newseum Journalists Memorial. The ceremony was held on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 10 AM at the Journalists Memorial Gallery of the Newseum in Washington DC, USA.

Dwijamani's photo on wall with photos
Dwijamani’s photo on Newseum Journalists Memorial wall

The names of 82 journalists who died covering the news in 2012, and 6 additional journalists who died in previous years were added to the Newseum’s Journalists Memorial in the solemn ceremony.

Dwijamani’s name appears in two places in the Journalists Memorial – one etched in glass on the actual memorial and the other as a color photo on an adjacent wall. This is a permanent exhibit and visitors to the Newseum in Washington DC will be able to view Dwijamani’s name. KanglaOnline attended the ceremony and took photos of the event. A laminated collage of selected photos was presented to Dwijamani’s family by KanglaOnline on Tuesday, May 15 as a memento of the event.

It may be noted that John Powell, Exhibits Writer at the Newseum, journalists from the Imphal Free Press, and members of the KanglaOnline team were instrumental in communications between the Newseum and Dwijamani’s family.

Keynote speaker Richard Engel fondly remembered colleagues Marie Colvin and Anthony Shadid, who both died covering the conflict in Syria. In December 2012, Engel, chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, was kidnapped and held captive for five days in Syria, along with several members of his production crew.

With this year’s addition of 88 names from 2012 and previous years, the memorial will honor a total of 2,244 reporters, photographers, broadcasters and news executives from around the world, dating back to 1837.

Photos courtesy: KanglaOnline, Newseum YouTube videos
Some content courtesy: Newseum

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