HM Gaikhangam says around 60 UG groups operating in state


IMPHAL, June 17: There were about 50 underground outfits operating in Manipur which has now increased to around 60 separate outfits, which is not possible anywhere else in the world. The number of UG organizations are on the rise day by day non-stop.

This was stated by Deputy CM Gaikhangam who also holds the portfolio of Home in today’s sitting of the Manipur Legislative Assembly during the discussion on demands for police, vigilance, fire protection and control, jails, home guards and rehabilitation.

Responding to various cut motions raised by MLAs and observations made by MLAs of the ruling party, he said that the large number of UG groups operational in the state have made it in a delicate condition.

However it is a good sign that some of the UG organizations have entered the mainstream for peace, with several others about to join the mainstream, Gaikhangnam said.

Violence will not be able to bring solution of any sort and killing and violence will not lead to any conclusion, the state DY CM said and added that peace should be brought through political dialogue in a democratic way.

He continued that police is part and parcel of the society and efforts will be made to make the police department people friendly.

The police department has been considerably developed in the last one/two years and continuing to improve day by day, he said.

He further pointed out that just recently certain outsiders including an official of the National Security Advisory Board who had visited the state had praised the police department.

The department with such a large payroll may have certain spoiled and undesirable individuals, however it would be wrong to assume that the whole department is bad, he said.

He went on to say that two sites to set up rehabilitation centres for UGs coming forward for peace process have been set aside.

UG cadres will be lodged in these centres together and well-guarded. The cadres and their families will be made to live peacefully, he said.

Stating that the Manipur police department has a policy of transfer and posting whereby the police personnel should be posted at an area for three years, he informed that when efforts are made to implement transfer and posting as per the policy, there is a lot of pressure of various sorts.

Gaikhangnam further said in the House that efforts to take up all possible actions in consultation with  the Chief Minister of the state so as to set up a Highway Protection Force to protect the two national highways is also on.

The Deputy Chief Minster also gave detailed replies to various cut motions moved by seven MLAs and the observations made by two ruling MLAs taking part in the discussion on demands.


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