Do Not Comment; Do Not Discourage


By: Pukhrambam Linthoingambi Devi

Why can’t we, human being, digest others’ success? We are always taught that in order to be an ideal person, we need to be free from jealousy, envy and greediness. But the question is can we ever be free from these? Let me share a personal experience of mine. I had a friend in my MA. She was quite good in the class: a good natured, a sensible, and always a helpful girl. We were close to each other: used to share our notes, our food, and our feelings and emotions. She was a brilliant and intelligent girl. Our friendship was going evenly till the first semester but after getting the exam result I was a bit changed as she got the first rank. And I don’t know whether she had noticed it or not. I started competing with her in study. Thus I took away the honor of first rank from her in the next semester. I am damn sure that she must have had the same feelings. But whatever relationship we had, I appreciate her; I appreciate her for her intellectual and knowledge. She really was a good student and used to write very well. And I used to admire her writings.


  My point is, we may be of any type, but can’t we at least appreciate others’ good labor? They must have really tried hard. So instead of discouraging them why don’t we give them some courageous words? Rather than finding faults in their work why don’t we use the words that will help them in correcting their errors if they have any?


  I can understand that criticism is a must cuisine for any writings or works. But before criticizing anything we need to have a clear knowledge what does the writer wants to say or the thing means? It is very shameful that before getting a clear idea of the writer’s thought we start commenting which shows our lack of knowledge or inability to understand the writer’s point. We end up commenting very opposing while the writer wants to say something else. Rather than mocking or making fun of others, trying to collect something useful from it is far better.


  I have come through varieties of comments on many articles. Sometimes I wonder why they are using such words to comment on others. If you find any errors in it than you can correct it or give suggestions to improve it or if you are intelligent enough than you can write your own. Here I would like to remind something. And I am sure that everybody must have heard it. The expression refers to the apocryphal story of how Christopher Columbus, having been told that discovering America was no great accomplishment, challenged his critics to make an egg stand on its tip. After his challengers gave up, Columbus did it himself by tapping the egg on the table so as to flatten its tip.


  It may be fun for you to mock in others’ work but, think once about the person who has written it. What must he be feeling? Would he be feeling to write or produce anything in future? And it is not only his lost but also ours. If he has anything good to share in future he will not feel to share it with us. Nobody is perfect. We need to give them time and space to prove themselves.

  I know that my writing is not perfect. But I had the craving to express my feelings whether I am showered with insulting comments or not. Everybody has innumerable thoughts in mind but, the problem arises only when we have to express it on a piece of paper. It’s a fact and we know that. If it weren’t than it would be very difficult to count the number of writers. I am not saying it on my personal experience. Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.


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