Family faces harassment for `hunting` report


UKHRUL, July 29 (NNN): A journalist’s family members are now at the receiving end after the journalist had published one incident where a hunter in Ukhrul district had killed a Himalayan Griffon vulture last year.

The Ukhrul District Journalists’ Union (UDJU) has alleged that the elder brother of a journalist was harassed again by a hunter who ( hunter) was punished for his illegal hunting under Wild Life (Protection) Act of India.

“At around 10:30 am Monday, one Ngaraipam Shimray physically harassed Hongprao Shimray, the elder brother of journalist Pamreiso Shimray for his report at the Imphal based English daily “Rare Birds sighted in Kamjong range begin to fall prey to locals” on December 15, 2012,” the UDJU said.

According to the UDJU, the story was reported following the killing of a Himalayan Griffon vulture by Ngaraipam Shimray. Himalayan Griffon vulture is considered an endangered bird under the Wild Life (Protection) Act. Following the news report, Wild Life Officials at Ukhrul summoned Ngaraipam but exempted from booking under the Act.

“However, since then the illegal hunter Ngaraipam continues to harass the Journalist’s family. The journalist’s two brothers and a widowed sister-in-law staying at Ningthi village have been bearing the brunt of the hunter’s vengeance of verbal abuse,” it further alleged.

Unable to bear the threat the journalist’s family informed the Ukhrul Superintendent of police today, it added.

Meanwhile, Ukhrul District Journalist Association (UDJA) has called for an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the issue of continuing harassment to the journalist’s family for ‘reporting the fact’.


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