KSDC bandh affects Sadar Hills

KSDC bandh supporters standing alongside an overturned vehicle on Monday at CCpur.
KSDC bandh supporters standing alongside an overturned vehicle on Monday at CCpur.

KANGPOKPI, July 8: The Kuki State Demand Committee sponsored general strike which began this morning at 5 am in demand for Kuki State and to put more pressure on the governments for a peaceful solution for the Kuki community put normal life along national highway 2 within Sadar Hills in a state of unease.

In Sadar Hills, particularly at Kangpokpi all private and government establishments including markets were shut down completely due to the general strike sponsored by KSDC putting normal life and business activities out of gear. Not even a single vehicle was seen moving on the road as well as no passengers service was available for the day.No employees were seen attending duty in their respective office since all the Governments offices have been closed in an around Kangpokpi for the day.Though no untoward incidents were reported till filing of this report within Sadar Hills, however the general strike has been intensely effective with peaceful environment.

Interestingly, it has been reported that the general strike enforcers group put pressure on the general public to stay away from all kinds of activities or else face a huge amount of fine. Whereas, the opposition group put opposite pressure and similar penalty thereby creating a comflicting situation among the general public along national highway 2 within Sadar Hills.

Passengers bus service operators from Kangpokpi to Imphal, Sapormeina to Imphal and Motbung to Imphal as well as business establishment were the most affected of the situation.

Passenger bus service operators along the National Highway 2 within Sadar Hills and businessmen were put on intense pressure by the KSDC stir enforcers to stay away from the road and business activities and subsequently warned them of a fine of huge amount if they do not comply, thereby making the passengers bus service operators and the businessmen to stay off their respective activities.

In the meantime, the KSDC stir opposition group put another opposite pressure to them with similar penalty.

Only a few vehicles were seen moving around Sapormeina to Motbung while some business establishment were also seen opene due to the pressure of the KSDC stir opposition group. Passengers service were visible on the roads but no passengers were visible, thereby compelling the vehicles owners to stop their service automatically.

KSDC had recall its earlier suspended blockade and intensified it by launching general strike and economic blockade.

On the other hand, the UPF convenor Aaron however made its stand clear yesterday that, the strike cum economic blockade sponsored by KSDC have no support of the UPF.He also said that, the KSDC stir is to demand early start of political dialogue between the Government and Kuki armed groups under KNO and UPF who are signatories of the SoO agreement, while noting that as per the agreement between the two umbrella organizations, any movement regarding political dialogue that concerned SoO groups should have prior information of both the organization.While flatly refusing to have acknowledged the Kuki State Demand Committee, the UPF Convenor questioned the KSDC, and by what right, it was imposing the general strike and the economic blockade.


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