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Moreh social organisations visits border fencing process

MOREH, July 27: Information Centre for Hill Area Manipur (ICHAM), Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO) Moreh Block, Kuki Chief Association Moreh Block and Rural People Development Federation (RPDF) on July 26 made a joint visit at the Indo-Myanmar border fencing at Gouvajang village to take stock of the situation there.

The visiting team witnessed the ongoing fencing work which has left a portion of Gouvajang village in Myanmar territory.

After inspecting the situation, a press conference was conducted at the residence of the village chief of Gounajang village with the following persons viz Ngachomi Ramshang, general secretary of ICHAM; Immison, publicity secretary of ICHAM, Kamboi Baite, member of RPDF; Th Tomsing, ex president of RPDF; H Thongkhongam Mate, president KSO Moreh Block; Letngam Lupho, vice president of Kuki Chief Association, Moreh Block; Thangpao Kipgen, Chief of Gouvajang village.

H Thongkhongam Mate, KSO president said during the press conference that the border fencing has divided the Gouvajang village into two portions with a major portion of arable land left on the Myanmar side of the fence and further continued  to urge the Govt of Manipur to stop the fencing activity at the Indo-Myanmar border.

Besides, Letngam Lupho, vice president of the Kuki Chief Association Moreh Block said unless the fencing process is stopped at the eariest, a large part of Manipur’s land will be added to that of Myanmar.

He also expressed his displeasure on the Govt order prohibiting settlement in many parts of the area under wildlife sanctuary.

Thangpao Kipgen, chief of Gouvajang village also expressed that a memorandum was submitted some time back to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the issue of border fencing to start demarcation work after proper verification and identification of border.

He further maintained that in case the border fencing continues in the present state, two by third of the Gouvajang village will fall inside Myanmar.

Furthermore, the village Chief told the media person that despite of his submission of memorandum to the concerned ministry, the demarcation has been done which compelled him to file a suit at the High Court while adding that B Bongjang, Kwatha Khunou, Nongkam, L Molphei, Satang, Choktong, Waksu, Lamdong Khunou, Yangoupokpi and Moirengthel villages will merge to Myanmar.



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