DIMAPUR, July 30(NNN): The NSCN-IM has asked the Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) to exist as a pressure and not otherwise.

In the last few months, ACAUT has been resorting to different modes of movement against the unabated taxation imposed on the business community and the people by underground organisations in Nagaland. ACAUT had also held rallies and bandhs in Nagaland last month in Nagaland in this regard.

On Tuesday, reacting to ACAUT’s activities, the NSCN-IM said, “The menace of unabated taxation falling out of having too many nationalist groups in Nagalim and the pressure thereupon to the tax payer is regrettable. Thus, NSCN has been doing its own course of action to stop illegal taxation as well as unauthorized collection from within and without. It is of the concern to the general public that, when Action Committee against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) was formed with an objective to stop multiple taxation, we have given our support and have extended as much cooperation as possible even beyond the demands made by ‘ACAUT’ yet the organization concern instead of responding with the spirit of oneness and camaraderie have been hurling salvo of unabated allegation without any standard of decency again and again”.

“As expected, when we try to correct the ‘ACAUT’ from prowling in an area of having political implication, the serpent surfaced in the form of N. George former CFMG/CFSB chairman backing up their adopted child in no time (refer: Nagaland Post, 30th July 2013). This has made us question the credibility and sincerity of ‘ACAUT’” the NSCN-IM added.


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