The 10TH Laiwa out of the 20 Laiwas to be followed by the students during the preparation of the exam


The 10TH Laiwa out of the 20 Laiwas to be followed by the students during the preparation of the exam


I could not attend in a good school due to poverty. As I did not have a clear background it was very difficult for me to compete with my friends. But my hard work based on self-confidence helped me in gaining my respectful place from teachers and locality. There is not any other short cut route for success except labor and patience.

I would like to mention that watering stone will never soften it. I am giving any advice to nobody. I will not give advice to anybody who doesn’t want to learn. Because, as I always had craved to earn more and more knowledge, I used to run after elders for such advices. Whatever advices they had given me those days, are precious and it is those words that help me in shaping my life in a very unique and successful way.

Most of the students think that study is the first step for the preparation for exam and keep studying without any clues. But for me, ‘why am I studying and what way of study will help me in scoring good marks’ are the first step before starting my study. This is very important, because with the help of my scored marks I could be able to found a new way of study for myself and started following that way.

Just have a think once! There won’t be any similarity in the way of studying between the two students who is satisfied to score just 60% and the other who wants to get 100%. The students who want to get 100% may score 99% in minimum and those who want to get 60% may end up scoring 59% or sometimes may fail.

Study only will not help in scoring good marks in exam. His daily behavior, manner, discipline, and dedication in school, at home, and in society all play a pivotal role in making him a perfect and successful human being. The one who performs the order of parents, teachers and elders will definitely become a successful person. As my experiences, those who blame others for their failure will never succeed in their life as well as will always be inferior to their friends.

how to use paper

Based on my personal experience, to score good marks, I am going to present my book, entitled “Laiwa”, to the student which is publishing soon. The first chapter contains the following 60 key souls: 10 laiwas for the students to follow or do in school, 10 laiwas at home, 20 laiwas before exam, 16 laiwas in the exam hall and 4 laiwas to follow or do after exam.

The preference of this article is given on the 10th Laiwa out of the 20 laiwas to be done/follow by the students during the preparation of exam. According to the elders’ advice, in order to score well in exam, we should draw the diagrams, figure and geometry from the book, and write whatever we had by heard, many times. But I didn’t have the note books/papers to write or draw even for once. I used the same page to write for all the subjects (Languages, Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics) whatever I had known. I used to draw the diagram, figure and geometry by pencil and used to write the learned lessons on the same page by black ink. I used blue ink to fill up the blank gap between the black lines and green to fill the gap blank between the blue and black and at the end the red ink between the green and blue.  Thus, even a little space is not spared on the page and is completely filled.

This said technique not only helps in improving handwriting and increasing the speed but also saves paper and money. Saving and using paper carefully not only helps in realizing the value of your life but also help in saving the natural resource for future generation. We should always have a deep ‘think’ and ‘protect’ thing carefully before using it up.

Note: Laiwa (Lai-God, Wa-word = God word)


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