Trucks leaving Imphal stranded


IMPHAL, July 25: Empty trucks leaving Imphal yesterday along the National Highway 37 are stuck at a steep stretch at Nun Dalan due to poor condition of the highway.

The stuck trucks which numbered around 500 had to be individually pushed up by the BRTF using an excavator to pass the highway stretch.

However the rescue work had to be postponed for tomorrow following night fall.

It may be mentioned that following the sinking of a 110 meter road stretch at Phesama, Nagaland along the Imphal-Dimapur highway on July 12, vehicles plying along the highway had stopped their run.

Meanwhile, according to reports, around 140 empty fuel tankers and around 500 other empty goods trucks had left Imphal yesterday along the National Highway-37.

The empty trucks after crossing Barak Bridge had started climbing the steep stretch at Nung Dalan and got stuck.

Many trucks are now left stranded along the said portion of the highway. The truck pushing work will be continued from early morning tomorrow.

After the poor road stretch at Nung Dalan, there is only about 78 Kms left to reach Jiribam.

It may be mentioned here that a landslide recently occurred at Nung Dalan which had completely buried a bridge on the said road. The road restoration/repairing work are being carried out in full swing but due to the rain there is little progress in the work.

Meanwhile, the empty trucks numbering around 300 which had left Imphal are still stuck at Barak. The trucks will hold the night over there only along with the security escorts.


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