World Karate Federation`s Accredited ISSO Championship


IMPHAL, July 25: The World Karate Federation`s Accredited ISSO Championship (Shito & Shoto Style) will be held at Bar, Montenegro from September 27 to 29, 2013, informed a press release of Manipur Amateur Karate-Do-Association.

The various events are Kata shotokan (only), Kata shitoryu (only), Kumite shitoryu (WKF rules) and Kumite shotokan (WKF rules + shobu – ipon).

Any meritorious/aspiring player of the affiliated styles or units of Manipur Amateur Karate-Do Association (MAKA) willing to take part may submit the copy of valid passport, two photos, weight and event on or before July 31 to the All India Karate-Do Federation (AIKF) through MAKA. Other requirements which is to be submitted after confirmation are Valid Passport,  four Photos 80% face in white background,  last six months bank statement of self or parents,  last three years ITR,  NOC from School/College/Parents (Incase of minor) and copies of recognised Karate certificates (Grading/Championships), it said.


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