Beautiful Lie, Painful Truth And Reference Time: Contrast of two painful truths


By Amar Yumnam

When Death asked Life why people hate it while they love the latter, Life replied that itself was a Beautiful Lie while Death is a Painful Truth. Dr. Narendra Dabholkar of Maharashtra was a rationalist all through his active life. He was shot dead while coming back from his usual after-yoga exercises. While not questioning the belief in God, he did question the belief in superstitions and worked hard to instil scientific thinking among the general population. After the killing, the reactions of his wife, Shaila, and Narendra’s son, Hamid, speak a lot about the social dynamics under which the deceased had worked and the future they were looking forward too. While talking to the media men, Shaila has said that she went for Narendra for the idealism embedded in him. She says: “We thought only about society, and that was what we spoke about. Even though we were married, there was nothing like romance, or anything like that. Both of us were patriots of idealism. We wanted a good society.” Please mark the phrase “good society” here. Son Hamid also comments in an existential language thus: ““He


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