IED blast at Governor Road, husband-wife duo receives minor injuries


IMPHAL, August 30: An Assistant Curator of the State Archive and her husband received minor injuries during an IED explosion about 300 meters along the Governor road from the Nityaipat Chuthek main road today near the Manipur State Social Advisory Board.

The explosion occurred around 4pm. Both the husband and wife received minor injuries on the left side of their faces.

The couple identified as Oinam Saaya (57), Assistant Curator of State Archive and her husband Oinam Ranjit (60) of Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai were returning from Saaya’s office when the IED exploded on the road side.

Speaking to media persons at RIMS casualty, Oinam Saaya said that she along with her husband were coming out along the Governor Road towards Nityaipat Chuthek Main Road in a Maruti Car 800.

She continued that on reaching the exact spot where the IED exploded, they heard a loud sound and both lost their consciousness for a few minutes and on recovering, found themselves with minor injuries.

Soon after the blast, K Jayenta Superintendent of police Imphal West and the Commandant of CRPF rushed to the blast site and inspected the area.

The road along the blast site was thoroughly checked by a large number of state police personnel and by using a sniper dog of the CRPF.

Police personnel also conducted a search operation in and around the blast site along the Governor Road.

Later, a team of state forensic experts surveyed the blast site.

City police have taken up a case regarding the incident under FIR number 257(8) 2013 city P/S under section 307 Indian penal code 3, Explosive substances Act.

It may be mentioned that the Governor Bhavan is guarded by the CRPF personal. State police personnel and CRPF personnel are deployed along the Governor Road round the clock as no private vehicles and even the vehicles of media persons are not allowed to enter the Governor Road from 4 pm onward upto morning 7 am.


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