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Coaching mania in Manipur

Leader Writer: Rakesh Lourembam

“Coaching” in itself is the practice of supporting an individual or group through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. The structures, models and methodologies of coaching are numerous but are predominantly facilitating in style. Educational class coaching or the so called tuition is one area where people of the State gave maximum importance as it is being considered as the launch pad for future consolidations. Gone are the days in which one used to manage by themselves with the help of only their school teachers and parents aided in the task to crack various competitive and other high profile exams. For today’s generation, `coaching` has become an important part of their learning process signifying a major moral boost.

The contemporary coaching style has apparently beaten the classic stereotype that it is solely within an aspirant to produce exemplary result without any external exposure. There was a time where coaching or tuition classes were taken as an optional but with the growing fast track competition in every sphere, it is now a roller-coaster ride for even track record shows that many who have yielded outstanding result and came out with flying color have underwent selective coaching classes.

The number of coaching centre mushrooming in every locality of the state today is a clear indication on how it has transformed into a new look flamboyant coaching style. Long queues of bikes, scooters and four wheelers parading in front of the coaching center, parents waiting for their wards to come out, van services etc are some of the salient features which can be noticed in and around the centers. Early mornings and evenings are the peak time where one can feel the coaching atmosphere and take a glance of the zest shown by the coaching goers. As high mark and outstanding performance matters with the escalating stiff competition, it seems that the need for going extra classes or coaching clearly come in place to meet the demand. The appealing features and facilities of modern coaching have also won hearts of many parents who want their children to excel in today’s education field.   

Though the growth of different coaching centers could be considered vibrant, the rapid cluster emergence of the centers could also be a matter of worry as the race for supremacy among them can lead the learning process to mere commercial ventures. The extensive publicity carried out by various coaching centers in media houses especially in newspapers appealing aspirants to join it has sensationalized the need of it to a great extent. It is evident from the advertisements appearing in most daily newspapers as one could find huge space allotted with big banners, photos, name of faculties, past achievements etc and some even promises of returning back of tuition fee amounts if it fails to deliver its promises made. Amidst the claims, the fee structure being charged by various coaching center remained a matter of concern. Many aspirants who  wish to join the coaching tide are unable to, due to the extravagant sum demanded by the centers.

The transformation of modern day coaching may have resulted in setting a benchmark for producing satisfactory outcome; however, it is the result oriented factor which needs to be maintained. The question of whether one does really need coaching or whether it should be made mandatory should rest solely on the particular individual. The so called modern day coaching or tuition centres might have provided various knowhow and other extra edge but at the end of the day with or without coaching, it is the end result that matters.



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