I will emerge victorious: Sharmila


IMPHAL, October 23: “We seriously take the extra judicial killings allegedly involving the State Police force” expressed the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) team today displaying their seriousness of intent.

The team comprising of Justice Cyriac Joseph, Justice Satyabrata Pal, Member, NHRC and Director General (Investigation) Kanwaljit Deol, were addressing media persons outside the Security Ward of JN Hospital after visiting Irom Chanu Sharmila who is in judicial custody, around 10 today morning.

The team was joined by doctors and security staff during the meeting.

Interestingly, Anil Pradhan, a special rapporteur of NHRC who is accompanying the NHRC team was not allowed to meet Sharmila a couple of months earlier oduring a previous visit.

Speaking to the NHRC team, Sharmila candidly talked about the emerging differences with various organizations supposed to be working for her cause, alleging that her opinions and suggestions were ignored, while also lamenting the fact that she would want the public to treat her as a human with feelings and emotions struggling for a life free from the fears of the atrocities being committed under the cover of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 by the security forces.

She further expressed that she does not want the public to idolize her or consider her a martyr.

She also expressed her desire to see the people come out and physically support her in her struggle and not just lend their moral support. She also questioned the legality of the State Government’s decision to put her under judicial custody and imposing restrictions on meeting people, stating the fact that a lot of prominent public figures and politicians undertook fasts in protests against the Telangana issue, but none were arrested, and even convicted inmates in jails everywhere are allowed weekly visitors, whereas anyone wishing to visit her needs special permission from the Chief Minister or the Home Minister.

Answering to a query on the stand of the revolutionary groups in the State on her struggle by a member of NHRC, Sharmila revealed that various civil society organizations were prevented from providing solidarity to her cause by many armed revolutionary groups in the State.

She also expressed her indomitable faith in her struggle and belief that she will emerge victorious as her effort is a rationale and just one and concluded that she will stop her fast and is looking forward to leading a normal life once the AFSPA is removed, appealing to the visiting members for their support and intervention in their maximum capacity.


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