BJP organizes interactive session


IMPHAL, November 16: BJP, Manipur Pradesh organized an interactive session with ex-servicemen and widows whose husband died in action at the party’s office located at Nityapat Chuthek today.

President of state BJP, Th Chaoba alleged that the ex-servicemen and widows are not given proper benefits by the Centre at present. But, when the political party comes to power in the Centre, the issues will be addressed and proper rights will be given to the deserving retired persons and widows, he said. And to protest this negligence, the party will organize a protest rally shortly. He mentioned that in Manipur, there are about 17,000 retired servicemen from active central duty and more than 70 held posts of officers.

At present, there are about 20,000 persons employed in the central forces and 200 among them are officers in the Indian Army, he stated.

Chaoba mentioned further that the situation of the State is chaotic and the law and order situation is in a deplorable condition, there have been numerous bomb explosions in the city area. The vice-president of  MPP was shot in broad daylight and none have been arrested nor has there been any headway in solving the crime, he said. The public and property of the citizens are not secure at present. This reflects that the current Government is not efficient in tackling issues which are disruptive to public safety, he added.  

Regarding the border issue, CPI and Congress had formed a coalition in 2006 and they had signed the signature of the border fencing then and given away their permission of the fencing without verifying the demarcation process.

During the interaction, the attending widows were presented with gifts by the BJP officials.


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