CPI hits back at BJP tirade over border issue


IMPHAL, November 19: The CPI Manipur State Unit has strongly reacted to the allegation made by BJP president Th Chaoba, on the Indo-Burma border fencing dispute, stating that BJP’s statement is a blunder.

Speaking to media persons at the party’s office, CPI spokesperson, N Mangi, national council member cum state secretariat member CPI, conceded that during the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly CPI formed an alliance with the Congress government under the banner Secular Progressive Front, with Dr M Nara as steering committee chairman of SPF.

However, he clarified that during that tenure no cabinet decision or other relevant decisions approving forest clearance for Indo-Myanmar border fencing were taken.  

The clearance was given by the state wildlife advisory board which has the state Chief Minister as its chairman, he continued.

N Mangi suggested that the BJP president should retrospect on his doings before making unnecessary fuss. When Th Chaoba was the MP with MSCP ticket, he supported the then NDA government which signed the Indo-Naga peace talk and released the Bangkok declaration which had the without territorial limit phrase, he charged. The fallout of the incident was so grave that several lives were lost but Th Chaoba, had not voiced his opposition, contended Mangi.

As a matter of fact, the same year, CPI MLA, Mangi resigned from his post as Agriculture Minister on June 6, 1999 from the MSCP led government and extended support to NDA, he said before adding that during the time CPI was part of the alliance of the MSCP led government. While referring to the border fencing dispute, Mangi, claimed that the party leader of CPI have already voiced their concerned before the centre.

He observed that instead of playing the blame games and making unnecessary fuss, he advice the BJP to join the initiative of the all political parties team relentlessly working in unison forgetting all differences between them.

Meanwhile, N Mangi also informed that Chief Minister Okram Ibobi, has also convened another round of talks on November 24 adding that a delegation of the all political party is likely to go to Delhi by first week of December.


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