Kangleicha Sanaroi Lup (KSL): A brief profile

KSL lifting 6th Tamchon trophy 2011
KSL lifting 6th Tamchon trophy 2011

Kangleicha Sanaroi Lup (KSL), Delhi is a sporting organization formed by students from Manipur in Delhi. It was formed on September’2008 in Delhi.

Sport is an identity for the people of Manipur and is a major cohesive force for Unity and Integrity among its people. The main aim of KSL is to promote the sporting culture among the Manipuri students who are pursuing education in Delhi. We endeavoured to help them in their interest to take part in various sporting events and helps in developing their mental strength, sporting spirits and competitiveness. We let them have the opportunity to show their talent and try to unite the students through games and sports.

From structural point of view, the organisation is run by an Executive Committee composed of the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Sport-Secretary, Finance Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Secretary and Advisors. The executive members are elected from among the students to constitute and run the association for a period of four years.

As far as the activity of KSL is concerned, the association has been playing crucial role as a competent team in the RN Tamchon Memorial North East Football Tournament every year since 2008. It is worth reminding that the RN Tamchon Memorial North East Football Tournament is a sporting event organised by the Takhul Naga Society, Delhi. It is being organised every year in winter since 2007. It aimed at providing common platform from all the students from North East states including Sikkim to interact among each other and create an atmosphere of brotherhood among different communities of north eastern states. The event has been participated by 16 teams representing different communities from all the north eastern states. KSL represents Manipur, the Meitei community in particular and is regarded as one of the favourite team for the trophy every year.

So far, KSL has been participating in the tournament since 2008. In its first appearance, KSL claimed the 2nd Runners up title. In 2011, after four years of immense hard work, KSL lifted its maiden RN Tamchon Memorial North East Football Trophy, defeating Zaliangrong FC (Zeliangrong Community of Manipur) 5-4 in the penalty shootout. In 2012, the latest edition of the Tournament KSL become 2nd Runners Up defeating TSFD FC (Tripura) 6-0 in the third place playoff after losing 8-6 to HSA FC (Hmar, Manipur) in penalty shootout in the Semi-Final.

Financially, the organisation derives its sources of income from donations/contributions by sports loving persons including students, employees and political leaders. However, these supports remain voluntary and conditional or occasional, and as such at the time of scarcity of required funds, the association suffers from acute shortages and tactical dilemma.

This year, the tournament is going to be held from 16th to 30th December’2013 at Dr. Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi. The KSL has been grouped along with Arunachal FC (Arunachal Pradesh), Wung United (Tangkhuls Community) and Delhi Mizo FC (Mizoram) in Group C. We will be playing Arunachal FC on 18th Nov’2013, followed by Wung United and Delhi Mizo FC on 21st and 23rd November’2013 respectively.

We require your helps, moral supports and financial assistances to fulfil our dreams, to glorify our community in one of its best known field i.e. sports. Please help us…!!!

Ng Sarat Singh,
 +91 9899202640,

E Amitkumar Singh, +91 7503397558,

Email id: ksl_delhi@yahoo.com


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