Myanmar Day attracts huge crowd at Sangai festival


IMPHAL, November 23: Saturday was an important date for the ongoing Sangai festival as it was designated as Myanmar Day by the organizers. A huge crowd got its money worth after a 60 minute wait to enjoy the Myanmarese cultural dance and martial Arts troupes perform.

As the evening sets in, people from the state stood in long queue at the main entrance of Sangai Festival. The crowed witnessed the first ever Myanmar dances and the flexible movement of dancers and the exotic music.

After entering the venue, one watch with delight at discovering the unique symbol of Sangai festival – a luminous children head gear of the antlered deer Sangai – was noticed in every hand of the children.

Sadly, when enquired about the origin of the dancing light Sangai toy, the sellers informed that it was imported from the Guwahati.

The thought that other people surpassed the state in manufacturing the toy was depressing. The head gear had been selling at Rs 130-150 for days.

On the other hand the Myanmarese showcased their martial arts at the Bheighachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT). A totally new entertaining puppet show depicted a scene on the worship of Lord Budha by a Myanmar women troupe. The stage was well decorated in the gilded Myanmarese tradition.

BOAT was fully crowded by spectators today.

Unfortunately, when the cultural programme ended there was still a queue outside the festival campus. It might seem that the when the last person entered the festival campus it may end the duration of festival of the day.

Today is district day-1 that gave special emphasis to the particular district for their traditional performances exclusive to their district.

Senapati district cultural dance troupes performed in the evening cultural presentation.

Later, it was followed by about 8 minute of Phunggarel present by the Sangeet Kala Sangam, Imphal. After the presentation of Sangeet Kala Sangam the Sikkim cultural troupes performed their cultural dance by the artistes from Sikkim.

An ancient played Gourangalila “Samudra Poton” was presented by the Gourangalila and Sansenba Artisets Association, Imphal.


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